Towards a vehicle first interaction model
  • Siddharta.Lizcano Siddharta.Lizcano BMWgroup Designworks Creative Director, Interaction Design

    As Creative Director of Interaction Design at the Shanghai studio, Siddharta is responsible for directing Interaction Design programs for all brands of the BMW Group as well as for a wide variety of projects in all Designworks relevant industry sectors for external clients.

Towards a vehicle first interaction model

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Session S5
Meeting room 四楼大会堂A
Time 07/12 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

As vehicles become our multimodal interface to the city, the way we interact with services and content onboard will evolve.

The interaction models of most onboard experiences are based on assumptions and patterns borrowed from other devices. Vehicles can now be perceived, connected and semi-autonomous. They need a new interaction model - a vehicle first interaction model.

Looking back at the history of the most influential interaction models, we can see how they have helped the whole industries to adopt large-scale users and achieve market and industry scales.

In the era of Mobility, how to define a new interaction model? And as a designer, how do you avoid your own prejudice and create something truly new?

Using a data first approach and defining the Organizing Entity and Principle we can predictably uncover new models that can revolutionize onboard experiences.

Through this speech, Sid hopes to call for the creativity of automobile user experience design through action. And share practical advice on how to define an unbiased interaction model.

Participants Benefit

1、Gain an innovative interaction model and its practical case;
2、Get BMW's case for Mobility solutions, with a positive impact through more different types of movement;
3、How designers should avoid prejudice to innovate;

Work Case
  • Map all the entities
  • Define an organizing principle
  • Explore possible organizing entities
Guess You Like
  • Map all the entities 13
  • Define an organizing principle 23
  • Explore possible organizing entities 33
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