(Canceled)Virtuous Intelligent Systems
  • Anthony Pannozzo Anthony Pannozzo frog Chief Design Officer, North America and Asia

    Anthony Pannozzo is Executive Creative Director of frog design and global head of frogHealth. He is responsible for overseeing frog’s creative teams and ensuring frog’s work for its clients has the desired impact on their business and in the world.

    Anthony studied industrial design at RISD and he has applied the fundamental methods of human centered design to help organizations of all kinds chart growth strategies and drive transformation. Anthony believes design is a powerful tool to tackle any challenge and has applied this philosophy to projects as diverse as re-designing Boston College’s undergraduate core curriculum, designing an innovation strategy for the world’s second largest mining company and envisioning customer experience strategies for American Express’ Premium Cards Group.

    Anthony has earned over 20 patents, has won 5 IDEA awards and has lectured on the value of design at major universities across the country. He is a former IDSA board member and currently sits on Kellogg’s Innovation Advisory Council.

(Canceled)Virtuous Intelligent Systems

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Time 07/12 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Interaction Design
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Organizations from healthcare to financial services are looking for ways to better serve, and understand, their customers through digital experiences and data science. The problem most of these companies face is lack of meaningful engagement. Unlike services like WeChat, Netflix or Amazon, there is little reason for customers to dedicate hours of engagement, and the data, needed to train machine learning models and drive personalization.

To understand how to drive personalization and engagement, organizations first need to understand the fundamentals ofintelligent systems and then design them to enable virtuous cycles that benefit users as well as the companies who seek to serve them.

This presentation is about Virtuous Intelligent Systems. It breaks down how engagement is improved and what needs to be provided to customers in order to do so. It is about people, and what matters to them, and how technology should serve them.

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