In-depth analysis of the design element N+1 of financial product experiences.
  • Xu Yinfang Xu Yinfang Suning Financial Services UED Associate Director

In-depth analysis of the design element N+1 of financial product experiences.

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Session D17
Meeting room VIP3-1
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In recent years, Internet finance has broken through the pain points of traditional financial user experiences and emerged as a new force, it is characterized by inclusiveness and convenience, etc. and has become the new format and new power of finance, which has caused some impacts on traditional finance. Users' rights of voices and choices are stronger than ever before, and they have raised higher requirements in respect of needs and self-realization.

As is known to all, different fields have their own professional and unique design elements, and for financial products, users' concerns and expectations are behind every step in the process of touching platforms, making investment decisions, purchasing and paying, holding and viewing, and redeeming and re-purchasing, designers need to understand and convey relevant elements in a timely and effective way, which is crucial to create successful user experiences.

Through rigorous investigation and thorough analysis of users' decision-making factors, the keynote speaker sums up five core elements that Internet financial products should possess: security, brand, product appeal, functional service and operation experience and decompose these five elements into 70 + detailed experience points layer by layer, and correspondingly propose 200+ design solutions, which help to comprehensively and effectively convey the five elements to users and make them feel.
The workshop will focus on the following contents:
1. Five core elements that Internet financial products should have
1.1 Analyze the process and application
1.2 Principle of five core elements
1.3 Application ideas of elements
Analysis and application link: behavior flow - involving pages - pain points and concerns - solving strategies
2. N design elements
2.1 Case analysis: design solutions with matching design elements and product flows
2.2 List of experience design elements
2.3 Check own products and improve user experiences

In this workshop, the keynote speaker will analyze the above experience design elements in depth layer by layer, and combined with Suning’s financial management case, explain the matching relationship between design elements and product flow in detail, timely and effectively convey the information that users pay attention to in the appropriate link, dispel users' doubts, and promote users' efficient decision-making and retention.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduction of the host and warm-up interaction
2. Environment analysis: current situation of Internet financial management, characteristics of industry segmentation and new trends of future experiences
3. User insight: taking Suning Finance and Suning Bank as examples, study and analyze the characteristics, behavior habits and deep psychological needs of Internet financial management and traditional financial management users.
4. Analysis and Summary: five core elements of wealth management products, and deeply analyze segmentation elements and experience points
5. Design transformation: explain the corresponding design solutions according to experience points, make core elements match the whole product process and land in the design.
6. Class group exercises and on-site exchange summary

Target Audience

1. Interactive design
2. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Systematically understand the current status of Internet financial development and innovation trends of future experiences
2. Learn how to design new Internet wealth management products that allow more users to choose and use at ease and conveniently
3. Learn about how to add value-added features more than expected on the premise of compliance with relevant financial regulations and risk prevention and control

Work Case
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