Designing with Data: Unlocking data potential in human-centered design
  • Diego Dalia Diego Dalia Fjord Senior Service & Interaction Designer

    Diego is a designer with a background in Service & Interaction Design; he's passionate about designing interactions, delivering new experiences to users through complex systems of products & services.

Designing with Data: Unlocking data potential in human-centered design

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Session E7
Meeting room 407
Time 07/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language English
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

Since few decades designers’ decisions are based on feedback and information provided by users; in the last few years, with the growth of the digital wave, we had to make a step further and consider to include in our process data coming from the world of analytics. Thinking how we could use these data and how we could integrate them in our process, became the new challenge, driven by the desire to deliver to user innovative and fulfilling experiences.
The experience acquired working with data in the last few years has been used to pack a 3-hour workshop in which participants will be guided through the steps of a methodology that will help them to turn insights extracted from data into compelling new products and services. The aim of this session is to push participants to reconsider their way of designing, using an approach that exerts data-driven design methods to improve user experience, resource management and company’s revenues, with the final goal of designing a “minimum viable Living Service” powered by data.

Structure and Agenda

1、Gathering & Intro
2、Briefing: Understanding users and the context
3、Collecting data: Data processing methods
4、Rethinking the design environment: effectively integrating data into the design through tools
5、Practical exercises: User role analysis and empathy map (Empathy Map) / thinking about various interactive environments and drawing charts
6、Magic Prototyping: Organize the insights gained in the previous session into actionable designs
7、Final presentations: Choose the best solution and show the key points of service design in the form of role-playing

Target Audience

1、Data Designers
2、Interaction Designers
3、Experience Design Professionals & Students

Participants Benefit

1、Learn a new approach to design using data
2、Applying data to an experience design project
3、Learn how to balance data and user needs in design;
4、Familiar with some service design tools and methods of design thinking;

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Work Case
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  • Fjord – CE Bank
  • Fjord – Movistar
  • Fjord – Conoco Phillips
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