Construct the Experience Bridge between Man and New Finance -- Refined Design Practice of Full-link
  • Shen Bo Shen Bo ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP Interactive Design Expert

  • Wang Jiayu

    Wang Jiayu Ant Financial Visual Design Expert

Construct the Experience Bridge between Man and New Finance -- Refined Design Practice of Full-link

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Session A10
Meeting room 406
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the context that even BATJ vigorously enters the field of Internet finance, Internet finance has begun to enter deepwater areas. Traditional finance and wealth management seek to transform to the Internet, own Ant Fortune and TenPay with first-mover advantages, while Jingdong Finance's business has begun to have serious homogeneous problems. The traditional shelf model and the natural high threshold of the financial industry, including regulatory pressures, etc., and the experience innovation of Internet finance is slow in actions.

This speech focuses on learning three issues:
1. Make users to perceive, understand and accept complex financial concepts, and experience that finance is tailored for me through the hierarchical design of users.
2. Create differentiated financial product experiences through the refined design of full-link experiences of users.
3. The dimensionality reduction of information in Internet financial products and the entry of intelligence (AI-Techfin).

The workshop will learn the following design methods through the case of Ant Fortune:
1. Data-based user portraits of Internet financial products;
2. Cognitive dimensionality reduction and accompanying design of Internet financial products;
3. DNA extraction methods and applications of Internet financial products.

Structure and Agenda

1. Warm-up, self-introduction, listeners' interaction
2. Theory sharing: how Internet finance makes refined hierarchical design and information dimensionality reduction
3. Listeners' interaction, raising questions, making group discussions
4. Interactive practice of the workshop
5. Summary and comment

Target Audience

1. Practitioners in Internet finance industry
2. Interaction designers, product managers, visual designers and UX desingers
3. Practitioners in traditional finance industry

Participants Benefit

1. Hear the most forefront transformation case in Internet finance industry.
2. Know how to use technology and data to promote the transformation of traditional finance.
3. Know the boundary effect of financial management and the difficulty and solutions of Internet finance.

Work Case
  • 沈波 - 蚂蚁财富DNA特征
  • 沈波 - 特征意向图
  • 沈波 - 精细化分层设计
  • 沈波 - 精细化分层设计
  • 沈波 - 手机淘宝框架三平台融合
  • 沈波 - 手机淘宝团队时的工作成果
  • 沈波 - 天猫超市设计
  • 沈波 - 蚂蚁财富DNA探索中的用户移情图
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  • 沈波 - 精细化分层设计 48
  • 沈波 - 手机淘宝框架三平台融合 58
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  • 沈波 - 天猫超市设计 78
  • 沈波 - 蚂蚁财富DNA探索中的用户移情图 88
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