Three steps of "design drive" —— enhancing design value
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Three steps of "design drive" —— enhancing design value

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Session A6
Meeting room 403
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the era of stock operation, refined product design has become a trend. It is the responsibility of every designer to make their own products stand out in the competition of many homogeneous products, win the reputation of users and help the development of business.

Vivo has advocated "user-oriented and design driven values to create exciting products and services for users" since 2020 Then in 2021, we refreshed the corporate culture, incorporated design drive into the core values, and hoped that design drive would become the belief of every vivo person. Under the advocacy of such industry trends and corporate culture, designers are duty bound to actively respond to the company's call, carry out a series of practical work of design coordination and design innovation, create a good design driven atmosphere, and achieve preliminary design innovation results, which have been highly praised by members inside and outside the team, users and the industry.

In this workshop, I will introduce to you the methods, tools and processes of design collaboration and design innovation accumulated by vivo Internet ued team in the past two years, so that you can absorb and learn from our experience, comply with industry trends, practice design driven, organize design innovation, become a pioneer of enterprise design innovation, bring better experience to users, help business growth, and enhance the professional influence of individuals and ued teams.

The specific contents of the workshop include:
1. The role and value of designers in the design driven wave
1.1 why design drivers
1.2 design driven requirements for designers
1.3 designers practice the advantages of design driven

2. Design driven starting point: give the product a physical examination and fill the experience depression
2.1 all staff experience walk through, so that there is no place to hide the problem. (process, method and system of VMIC ued full staff experience walk through are attached)
2.2 actively design the scheme and obtain good data and reputation. (case of VMIC ued design scheme attached)
2.3 organize an on-site walk through for all staff to help them master the essentials of walk through

3. Design driven advancement: give creativity a soil and let creativity take root
3.1 encourage personal creativity to sprout due to blowing sting. (cases of business design creativity of VMIC ued are attached)
3.2 design workshops to create a creative atmosphere for the team. (case of VMIC ued design workshop attached)
3.3 design proposals and promote creativity to take root. (results introduction of VMIC ued design proposal attached)
3.4 organize design workshops on site to help everyone carry out creative production

4. Design driven acme: give enough resources to creativity and let creativity shine
4.1 vertical growth of creativity: let creativity flourish
4.2 horizontal growth of creativity: let creativity blossom everywhere

Innovative practice of vivo browser, vivo video and vivo mall

What you can learn:
1. How to organize all members of the project team to experience walk through, establish user-oriented awareness, improve the sensitivity and attention of project members to experience, and initially create a design driven atmosphere
2. How to gain insight into product experience problems, follow up with special projects, output design proposals, solve user pain points, improve product comfort points, and help businesses get good results
3. How to organize design innovation, break through everyone's thinking patterns, create aha moment of products, create surprise experience for users, and help improve the brand mind of products

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop icebreaker session: presenter self-introduction + game grouping + group familiarization
2、Introduce the origin and objectives of design-driven, the requirements for designers and the advantages of practicing designers
3、Introduce the cases and results of Vivo experience walk, and organize a full experience walk according to the process to help everyone master the organizational essentials
4、Introduce the cases and achievements of Vivo design innovation, and organize an innovation workshop according to the process to help people to make creative production
5、Introduce the methods and cases to make creativity grow horizontally and vertically, so that the value of creativity can be maximized and shine

Target Audience

1、Senior Interaction Designer
2、Senior Experience Designer
3、UED Director/Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Master the tools, methods and processes of organizing a full staff experience walk, so that you can successfully organize a full staff experience walk and create a user-oriented awareness and atmosphere
2、Master the thinking framework and methodology of targeting problems and outputting design solutions, and be able to output professional design proposals to help improve business value
3、Master the methods and processes of design innovation, be able to organize design innovation in the team, and filter out good ideas, and promote the implementation

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