Intelligent Exploration of Multi-mode Interaction in Automobile Cockpit
  • Wang Qiaoying Wang Qiaoying ZEEKR Technical Experience Design Expert

    She is currently an experience specialist in Extreme Krypton cockpit technology with 8 years of + UX experience and many years of user experience design and research in smart hardware and new energy vehicles. She has a master's in Purdue University user experience. She was a former DJI DJI senior UX designer, and has many years of teaching experience in Chinese and foreign universities. She has published several experience design and cross-cultural studies related academic papers and national patents on human-computer interaction on cnki. She has won the IEEE 2014 Award for Best Visual Creativity. She has been responsible for and participated in a number of domestic and international projects, such as GE Smart Home cross-cultural User Research, Siemens Power Plant, NASA Mars Rover Interactive, DJI App, extreme krypton smart cockpit and so on. Ultra Krypton automobile is the brand of Geely Holding Group, which is selected in the 2023 Hurun Unicorn List, and focuses on building the luxury technology brand of the new era.

    Design Concept: Technology and humanity should not be separated expression, in the interaction between consumers and products to find a balance point, create both stylish and temperature cabin space.

Intelligent Exploration of Multi-mode Interaction in Automobile Cockpit

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Session E2
Meeting room 5F培训室02
Time 12/24 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the 100-year history of the automobile industry, the cockpit has experienced the evolution from mechanization to electronic and then intelligent. On the basis of the traditional cockpit, the intelligent cabin has become more convenient and diversified through human-computer interaction, and has also achieved a significant improvement in the level of automation and interconnection. The interaction methods are diversified, including voice interaction, gesture recognition, face recognition, voice print recognition, heart rate detection, AID holographic projection, ChatGPT, and brain machine technology. With the integration of more and more innovative technologies, the immersive smart cockpit experience is constantly enhanced. So how can multimodal technology be used to create the driving experience of the future?

In this workshop, based on this background, we will focus on "Intelligent exploration of multi-modal interaction in the cockpit" to share how the polar Krypton cockpit technology experience team integrates multi-modal technology into user experience and scene insight. We will mainly share the "scenario-based multimodal" design thinking. Combined with specific cases, this paper introduces how to use this design thinking to create multi-modal interaction scenarios, and group activities to help designers, engineers and product managers learn from innovative business scenario design, so as to better play and enhance the impact and value of design in business.

The details are as follows:
1. What is Multimodal interaction
1.1 Transition from single interaction mode to multi-mode interaction mode
1.2 Three forms of cabin multi-modal interaction

2. Cabin multi-mode interaction industry trends and technical insights
2.1 Multi-modal interactive development route of Chinese automobiles
2.2 Multi-modal technology classification and application
2.3 Industry Analysis The current multi-mode status of China's new energy vehicles

3. Exploration and innovation of cabin multi-mode interaction
3.1 Fully understand the needs and pain points of users
3.2 Create the value of cockpit multi-modal interaction experience: brain blast

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: Content Summary
2、Theoretical Method Explanation: Multimodal Interaction Technology and Application
3、Case Study: analysis of multi-mode interaction in new energy vehicle cockpit
4、Practice interaction: group proposition to explore multi-mode interactive innovation scenario design
5、Open answer: Q&A Free Exchange

Target Audience

1、3-5 years experience as a user researcher
2、3-5 years experience as product manager
3、Medium/senior interaction experience designer
4、AI industry-related practitioners, people interested in the AI field

Participants Benefit

1、To understand the application case of multi-modal interaction technology in automotive intelligent cockpit
2、To understand the application case of multi-modal interaction technology in automotive intelligent cockpit
3、The innovation breaks the situation, raises the diversification angle of view to help the product to create the extreme experience

Work Case
  • ZEEKR X Cockpit product drawings
  • ZEEKR X Cockpit product drawings
  • ZEEKR X Product drawing of cockpit night mode
  • Cockpit Acoustics, Maslow, requirement level analysis
  • Development of cockpit intelligence
  • Life in the third space
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  • ZEEKR X Cockpit product drawings 16
  • ZEEKR X Cockpit product drawings 26
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  • Cockpit Acoustics, Maslow, requirement level analysis 46
  • Development of cockpit intelligence 56
  • Life in the third space 66
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