Multi-terminal Product Design Based on New Retail Scenarios
  • Tao Zhipeng Tao Zhipeng Intime Department Store Senior Experience Designer

    He is currently the head of Middle and back-office design for intime commercial group. He has 8 years experience in product experience design and has won many awards in GUI design competitions such as Sina Huawei Meizu. He 0-1 completed the first retail department store industry cross-terminal design system (DSM) building, with a wealth of business background design experience. He currently provides b-side experience consulting and commercial design services for Intime's own business and several external leading enterprises.

    Design concept: good design exists to solve problems.

Multi-terminal Product Design Based on New Retail Scenarios

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Session D2
Meeting room 5F培训室02
Time 12/23 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the overall evolution of the retail department store industry and the diversified development of enterprises in the demand for digital products, the functional requirements and work contents of department store practitioners are changing, and the B-terminal product terminal gradually begins to spread from the traditional PC to the integration of POS and other multi-terminals. Therefore, in product design, it is necessary to pay attention to the ease of experience in complex scenarios across terminals, reduce cognitive cost and improve task completion efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the ontology differences of multiple terminals to create a high-quality experience in the end.

This workshop focused on the scene characteristics and insights of the new retail department store industry, introduced the B-terminal multi-terminal product experience design method, and through the relevant work cases of the purchase guide (a key role), described how to improve the product usability based on scene insights, and achieve a jump in user satisfaction.

This workshop mainly includes the following contents:
1. History and background of the evolution of new retail department store industry
1.1 Development history and terminal evolution of the department store industry
1.2 Challenges and opportunities in multi-terminal design

2. Design method based on B-end scene insight
2.1 Scenario insight concepts and models
2.2 Disassembly and application of key elements of scene insight
· Role insight: B side user portrait mining
· Mission insight: Disassemble key high-frequency tasks
· Terminal insight: Design similarities and differences of retail equipment

3. Practice case: Purchase guide multi-terminal experience upgrade strategy
3.1 The high-frequency task link for the purchase guide is configured
3.2 Upgrading Terminal Experience in a Single Task
3.3 Cross-terminal task design pattern

4. New retail multi-terminal design infrastructure (design efficiency)
4.1 Build design assets based on scenario insights
4.2 Design asset mapping logic across terminals
4.3 Multi-Terminal Adaptation Rules for typical Services

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: Content Overview
2、Content sharing: Introduction to multi-terminal design background and scenario-based insight design methodology (theory) , as well as new retail design systems (tools) in the retail industry
3、Case Analysis: to the department store scene under the key role of high-frequency work in the multi-terminal context of product design case for practical explanation
4、Practice interaction: provide virtual case, complete product design in groups, and realize multi-terminal solution output based on design system
5、Q&A Session: Mutual Exchange and related questions and answers
6、Summary Review

Target Audience

1、Junior/Intermediate Experience Designer/Interaction Designer/Visual Designer
2、Product Manager/product designer/front end engineer
3、Internet industry practitioners/people interested in designing systems

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the design characteristics and challenges of the new retail industry
2、Master multi-terminal experience design methods and principles from user insight to terminal insight
3、Understand the features of the new retail design system (DSM) and its application in multi-terminal scenarios

Work Case
  • New Retail Multi Terminal Design System (Slash Design System)
  • Product Experience Metrics Report
  • Retail Department Store Membership Governance (partial)
  • DSM
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