Design Insight Model Driven by Value Chain, Helping Design Leverage Thinking
  • Wang Yajie Wang Yajie Tencent Cloud Senior Interaction Designer

    She has many years of UX work experience and is currently a senior interaction designer at Tencent Cloud Design Center. She is engaged in the fields of cloud computing and industrial internet, responsible for innovative practices in Tencent Cloud official website platform, Tencent Cloud low code platform Weda, Tencent Cloud website building, Tencent Education, and other products. She has product design experience of tens of millions of users. She excels in data-driven design and cross terminal product design. She holds a Master's degree in Design from Wuhan University of Technology and has published 5 international conference papers, which she has shared with Canada, the United States, and South Korea. She is also the author of the UXPA collection.

    Design philosophy: Sharp insight and rigorous decision-making are the driving force behind design.

Design Insight Model Driven by Value Chain, Helping Design Leverage Thinking

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Session A4
Meeting room 5F报告厅
Time 12/22 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the continuous competition and development of the market, products have gradually returned to the "core cultivation" from the "ecological card position". How designers adapt to market changes, find the right direction of force, and ensure the unity of design goals and business goals is a problem worthy of our attention. The design insight model driven by the value chain is a good entry point, which can reflect the value of the relevant chains in the survival of the enterprise and form a concise and clear structural framework.

In this workshop, the speaker will take the key data of Tencent Cloud apaas platform to improve design strategy and the negative feedback rate of document center as examples, introduce the design insight mode and practical operation ideas driven by the value chain, and help designers clearly understand the value of various related chains in the survival of enterprises.

Topic Content:
1、Design insight mode driven by value chain
1.1 What is the Value chain
1.2 Importance of key value chains
1.3 How does the value chain drive design insights
1.4 Two categories and disassembly ideas of the value chain

2、Value chain design case of linear index
2.1 Linear value chain disassembly method
2.2 Free strategy of tool products
2.3 Case practice of key data enhancement design strategy of apaas platform

3、Value chain design case of nonlinear index
3.1 Characteristics of nonlinear indicators
3.2 Value chain method of transforming nonlinearity into linearity
3.3 Case Practice of Document center negative feedback rate reduction

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: Self Introduction and Content Overview
2、Concept: value chain-driven design insight model and practical ideas
3、Case Study: Three specific cases explaining the design insight mode driven by the value chain (APAAS platform, and document center)
4、Practical Interaction: Using Value Chain Driven Design Insight Patterns to Simulate Scheme Design

Target Audience

1、Junior/Intermediate/Senior Interaction Designer
2、Junior/Intermediate/Senior Experience Designer/Full Link Designer
3、For low-code platforms, no-code platforms and other industrial Internet-related practitioners
4、Product Manager/People Interested in Product Design Thinking

Participants Benefit

1、Mastering more general methods of designer insight
2、Understand the value chain in the design of interactive design practice cases
3、Master the combination method of data analysis and design measurement

Work Case
  • Build a service scenario model
  • Low code platform
  • No Code build platform
  • Magic number pries user activation
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