Explore the Mystery of NetEase Game Experience Design
  • Zhang Yang Zhang Yang NetEase Games Senior Director of Experience Design

    He is currently the senior Director of NetEase Game User Experience Center. Graduated from Tsinghua University in 2012, joined NetEase games in the same year, has participated in the design of "Fantasy Westward Journey" series, "World Mobile games" and other popular games; At present, I led the team to take charge of the experience design of several NetEase games. I delivered a keynote speech at IXDC in 2014, served as the keynote speaker at CGDC in 2015, participated in the IIDC (Xi 'an) Information and Interaction Design Seminar in 2017, and was nominated for the Guanghua Longteng Award and Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Service Design Industry in 2022.

Explore the Mystery of NetEase Game Experience Design

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Session T2
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Time 12/22 14:32-17:32
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

NetEase is a leading Internet technology company in China and has always maintained a leading position in the development of Internet applications, services and other technologies in China. With a strong sense of mission for the development of the Internet in China and the vision of creating a better life, NetEase uses the most advanced Internet technology to strengthen the exchange and sharing of information between people. NetEase has launched a variety of services such as portal website, online games, email, online education, e-commerce, online music, and NetEase CC Live broadcast. Further promote the strategic focus, adhere to the field of content consumption, and actively layout core tracks such as games, education, music, and e-commerce, making major breakthroughs.

NetEase officially established the online game division in 2001, growing with the majority of game lovers. After 20 years of rapid development, NetEase has become one of the seven largest game companies in the world. As a leading game development company in China, NetEase has been at the forefront of independent research and development of online games. At present, NetEase is operating more than 100 game products. Independently developed a number of popular games around the world, such as "Fantasy Westward Journey" computer version, "A Chinese Odyssey" series, "New Chinese Ghost", "Cold", "Forever" and other high-end games, while the mobile game field is also an endless stream of excellent works, Including "Fantasy Journey to the West" mobile tour, "A Chinese Journey to the West" mobile tour, "A Chinese Ghost Story" mobile tour, "Onmyoji", "Wild Action", "The Fifth Personality", "Decisive Battle! Ping An Jing", "Egg Party", "Peak Speed" and other popular mobile games that are loved by players. In the future, NetEase Games will continue to uphold the concept of "originality, innovation" of NetEase, and work with many partners around the world to create high-quality games worthy of love for players.

The conference aims to lead practitioners to master the application and expansion of technologies, methods and strategies in emerging fields, and learn new ways of thinking and working in different teams. IXDC, in collaboration with NetEase, will take participants to the NetEase exhibition Hall and NetEase Game Lab, reveal how NetEase game projects continue to lead the domestic game user experience design, and continue to raise the ceiling of experience design design, and lead participants to explore how this team has created many high-quality products.

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Structure and Agenda

1. Visit the NetEase Headquarters Gaotang Phase I Exhibition Hall and the NetEase Gaotang Phase II User Experience Center Lab, and the team representatives will introduce and explain it
2. The NetEase Game User Experience Center team shares innovative achievements in experience design and refined operation
3. Experts in the UX Center laboratory explain the process and cases of game research and development
4. The team interacts and communicates with the participants

Target Audience

1. People who are interested in product development and design
2. Innovation team member, product manager
3. User experience designer

Participants Benefit

1. Visit NetEase Games, understand the innovative achievements of the design team in experience design, refined operation, etc., and feel the mystery of creating experiences contained in the game as the "ninth art"
2. Understand the achievements and innovations of NetEase Game User Experience Center
3. Face to face with the design team to understand the design research and concept of NetEase Game User Experience Center

Work Case
  • NetEase Headquarters Pavilion - Inside
  • NetEase Headquarters Pavilion - Inside
  • User Experience Center Lab - Internal
  • User Experience Center Lab - Internal
  • Fantasy Journey to the West PC version product map
  • Fantasy Journey to the West PC version product map
  • NetEase headquarters
  • NetEase headquarters
Guess You Like
  • NetEase Headquarters Pavilion - Inside 18
  • NetEase Headquarters Pavilion - Inside 28
  • User Experience Center Lab - Internal 38
  • User Experience Center Lab - Internal 48
  • Fantasy Journey to the West PC version product map 58
  • Fantasy Journey to the West PC version product map 68
  • NetEase headquarters 78
  • NetEase headquarters 88
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