Motiff: Design Tools for the AI Age
  • Yang Yuanzu Yang Yuanzu Motiff President

    He is Vice President of Cloud Holding Group, President of Motiff, and head of research and production of the original ape tutoring. In 2013, Yang Yuanzu led the establishment of the APE guidance AI Research Institute, which is responsible for the long-term research and development of Cloud Holdings' products and AI technology, led the production and research team to create a continuous ape guidance, zebra and other services for hundreds of millions of users of explosive products. Over the past decade, he has successfully applied AI technology to education. Today, he is working to combine past experience with a deep understanding of the pain points, needs, and improvements in the product design process, design tools for the UI design industry: Motiff.

Motiff: Design Tools for the AI Age

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Session S2
Meeting room 大会堂A
Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

The era of UI design tools is quietly changing. Photoshop used to be a pixel-based design tool for web designers; Sketch replaced Photoshop with a lighter, more professional product, combined with vector design, to become a hit; and over the past few years, the Figma has emerged, collaboration hits the essence of team efficiency, combining with the product-driven growth model, and quickly brings design tools into the era of collaboration.

At the same time, advances in AI-driven production tools are occurring at a rapid pace. COPILOT has greatly increased developer code development efficiency, AIGC in various fields seems to be about to revolutionize the entire content production industry. It is becoming clear that product design tools will inevitably usher in a new era: the AI era.

Screen Media will continue to expand with the progress of technology, people will be rich in the form of interaction. However, the screen interface will remain one of the most efficient ways of information transmission for a long time, and the production work around the screen interface has the potential to be enhanced by AI. In this talk, we will present Motiff's team's thoughts on how to design production tools for producers and Relations of production. We will also announce Motiff's significant application in AI, to witness the efficiency improvement and productivity transformation of the design and production tools into the AI era.

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the evolution of design tools and their impact on productivity
2、Learn about the multi-directional possibilities of current AI techniques in UI design
3、Understand the impact of AI on designers and design industry workflow and direction of change
4、Learn about Motiff and its unique AI applications

Work Case
  • Motiff AI design tools
  • People and AI work together
  • Design system build problem
  • Design System Practice Pain Point
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