Let Design Value be Discovered: How Can Design Improve Products and Services
  • Yang Xiaowan Yang Xiaowan Tencent CDC Senior Interaction Designer

    I have 7 years of UX working experience, and now I am a senior interaction designer in Tencent CDC. I have rich experience in enterprise platform level background system design, and I am responsible for the design of Tencent internal IT product ecology, Tengxin design system, Tencent education and other projects. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a master's degree in design. He has worked in Tmobile and Ant Financial in Shanghai. Currently, I focus on B-terminal product experience design.

    Design philosophy: Design is to enhance the sum of product and service experience, in order to play a greater value.

Let Design Value be Discovered: How Can Design Improve Products and Services

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Session D4
Meeting room 302A
Time 08/05 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the process of production and research and development of many products, designers must know how to use the method of service design to find the ecological service gap, but also to promote the attention of enterprises, and can improve the link between services and products, so that their own design value can be found. But how can service design improve product service?

This workshop will take Tencent's product service improvement as a practical case, so that middle and senior designers can establish service design system thinking, master how to use service design thinking to help enterprise services, and at the same time make design can produce more top-level value, improve designers' thinking mode and core competence in work.

Specific topics to be learned in the workshop include:
1. Using service design method, effectively insight into the service gap of product/service ecology
1.1 Analyze the current situation of product/service ecology in the case, and take the optimization of the entire Tencent network system as an example
1.2 Sort out the service link, and gain insight into the service gap of the internal product/service ecology of the enterprise

2. How to promote business parties to participate in the discussion of service gap transformation scheme and create a new product ecology
2.1 How to persuade Services to change the Version?
2.2 Promote products to create solutions for service gap and produce new product ecology
2.3 Promote the business side to implement the service transformation plan
2.4 Use data to track the transformation effect

3. Promote brand unity of internal product ecology
3.1 Why do internal products need branding
3.2 Principles and methods of branding

4. How to do a good job in the design and professional construction of internal products

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction of the workshop: Brief introduction of the content

2、Explanation of concept: How to use the method of service design to make overall planning for the case product ecosystem and help enterprises establish a sound service/product link

3、Case analysis: Tencent products/services related cases to explain the specific actual combat

4、Practical interaction: Group workshop Company IT product architecture and product form

5、Open questions and answers: Free communication in the Q&A session

6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Experience Designer/Full Link Designer/Interaction Designer

2、Product Manager/Product Designer

3、Internet practitioners/people interested in Internet thinking/service design thinking

Participants Benefit

1、Help designers establish the thinking method of service design

2、Help designers master service design tools

3、Help designers to provide ideas in enterprise internal product ecological design

Work Case
  • Tencent product service case
  • Design precipitation
  • Display of design results
  • Service design thinking
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  • Tencent product service case 14
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