Build a Full Cycle Experience Management Mechanism from Quantification to Optimization
  • Zhao Zhen Zhao Zhen vivo Experience Design Specialist

    I used to work for Alibaba, Meituan and other leading Internet companies, and have 7 years of practical experience in experience design. I am now the expert of vivo Internet experience design and the person in charge of vivo Internet design experience management, responsible for vivo game center, game intermodal and other product design experience work. In 2020, I will lead the exploration of product design experience measurement and complete the full life cycle from building measurement model to promotion and application. After the real test of more than one million users of four major Internet products, we find out our own experience management way.

    Design philosophy: Emotional, rational parallel

Build a Full Cycle Experience Management Mechanism from Quantification to Optimization

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Session B3
Meeting room 302A
Time 08/03 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the early stage of the Internet product life cycle, the product needs to survive and the business will pay special attention to growth analysis, but when the product enters the middle and late stage of maturity, the experience value is increasingly becoming the key track of product competitiveness.

However, designers are facing many challenges in the quantification and management of product experience, such as: the perception of product design experience from the perspective of users cannot be effectively quantified, and there is a monitoring blind spot for experience feedback; There is a gap between the improvement of design experience and the verification of business growth, so it is impossible to objectively judge the effect of business growth of design experience. There is a gap in the closed loop of design execution of specific projects, so we need to improve the systematic design process of "discovery-optimization-verification".

In this workshop, I will share with you how vivo Internet products build a full-cycle product experience management mechanism through the construction of quantitative standards, and carry out scientific monitoring - discovery - optimization - verification of experience from macro to micro, and ultimately promote the competitiveness of products.

The speech content of the workshop is as follows:
1. Construction of design experience measurement index system
1.1 Define the measurement dimensions of experience and "perceived ease of use"
1.2 Scenarioized X user experience journey diagram and derived design metrics
1.3 Verification and modification of the reliability and validity of the design experience measurement model in four major businesses

2. Collection of design experience data
2.1 Methods and values of periodic monitoring
2.2 Build a systematic process for the design and execution of key projects to achieve a closed-loop of "discovery-optimization-verification"

3. Other derived application scenarios
3.1 How to use the design experience measurement index system to evaluate competitive products
3.2 Design guidelines and search mechanism

Structure and Agenda

1. Icebreaker Interaction: The presenter introduces himself and arouses students' interest in the course
2. Content Introduction: Explain the methods and application experience of constructing the design experience measurement index system
3. Case analysis: Select two typical Internet products to explain their differences in practical applications
4. Practical interaction: Give an example and discuss in groups how to systematically apply experience management in a project
5. Open questions and answers: Free communication in the Q&A session

Target Audience

1. Medium/Senior Experience Designer
2. Preliminary/intermediate/Advanced user research
3. Practitioners interested in Internet experience measurement applications

Participants Benefit

1. Understand how to build a design experience measurement system quickly and effectively for C-terminal products
2. Master how to collect and analyze experience data with the design experience measurement index system
3. Master the systematic design process under the design experience measurement index system, help designers to clarify the design objectives, and positive traction design

Work Case
  • New product category page
  • New product ranking page
  • Systematic design execution process
  • Application thinking analysis
  • Construction method analysis
  • Pointcut analysis
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