Design Infrastructure,Boosting Design Efficiency
  • Lin Pengfei Lin Pengfei Baidu MEUX Senior User Interface Designer

    He has been in the design industry for more than 10 years, and is currently a senior user interface designer at Baidu, the visual design leader of the product group of Baidu Business Platform, and the project leader of Baidu Business Design System Light Design. He is committed to building design systems, platforms and tools to achieve team efficiency. During his tenure at Baidu, he is responsible for establishing Baidu's business design system Light Design and design asset sharing platform. He is also responsible for the implementation of Figma in the team to improve the efficiency of the team through design tools.

    Design philosophy: Design is to find the law of beauty.

Design Infrastructure,Boosting Design Efficiency

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Session D5
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Time 12/31 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

In the post-epidemic era, the global economy is down, and all industries are facing greater pressure to survive. As Internet practitioners, we find that the days of each family are tightening up, and various kinds of business reduction, cost saving, efficiency and cost reduction are mentioned as an important strategic position. In such a context, how to improve the efficiency of design is also paid attention by the teams, and the establishment of a perfect design infrastructure is a method and path to improve the efficiency of design.

Through this workshop, participants can understand what types of design teams can improve their efficiency. What are the specific ways to improve efficiency. How to realize these ways through design infrastructure. Through our practical experience, we will introduce how these methods work and how they work together, and through our experience sharing, we will help participants to build design effectiveness within their own teams.

The specific contents to be learned in the workshop include
1、What is design efficiency
1.1. The background of design efficiency
1.2. The necessity of design efficiency

2、The method of design efficiency
2.1. Types of design efficiency
2.2, Different types of efficiency improvement corresponding to the efficiency improvement methods

3、Design infrastructure
3.1、Design system: introduction of design system and how to improve the efficiency of the design system, how to build their own design system
3.2 Design tools: the development of design tools, the practical experience of the collaborative design tool Figma, the cooperation between design tools and design systems, how to use the capabilities of Figma organization version in large design teams to carry out their work and improve the efficiency of the design team
3.3、Design assets: sharing the experience of building design assets platform

4、Design and R & D synergy to improve efficiency
4.1、The synergy between design system and R&D
4.2、The linkage and connection between design and R&D assets

5、Design work mode efficiency
5.1、Build an efficient design team working mode, taking into account efficiency and quality
5.2、Practical case study of team work mode

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: Overview of the contents
2、Concept explanation: ways and means of design efficiency, how to achieve design efficiency through various design infrastructures
3、Case Study: A real-life example of how my team developed and applied the design infrastructure, and the actual results of the efficiency improvement.

Target Audience

1、Mid/Senior Interaction Designer
2、Mid/Senior Visual Designer
3、Mid/Senior Experience Designer
4、Design Manager / Design Supervisor
5、For those interested in design efficiency

Participants Benefit

1、Help Internet designers build awareness and understanding of efficiency improvement methods
2、Understand how design systems, design tools (Figma), design asset platforms, etc. work together to improve design efficiency
3、How to improve design infrastructure and enhance team efficiency in your own team

video introduction
Work Case
  • B-side illustration system
  • 3-D Asset Applications
  • B-side 3D design assets
  • Light Design Baidu Business Design System
  • Baidu commercial B-side product group
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