Designing value into the evolving experience economy
  • Sam McMorran Sam McMorran IDEO China Senior Experience Design Lead

    As the Experience Design Lead at IDEO China, Sam continuously push the edges of a human centered approach to the integration of service design and digital technologies within the built environment.

    After practicing interior architecture in London, Sam moved to China in 2010 designing retail experiences, before becoming the Group Creative Director at experiential agency Imagination. At Imagination, he focused on creating authentic and connecting human experiences, managed large teams, delivered work in many sectors and industries, including brand strategy, brand platforms & identities, immersive & digital experiences, activations, events, films, environmental, interior design and furniture design.

    Sam has worked for brands including, Natwest, Canon, Ford and Lincoln, Disney, Rolls Royce, Pernod Ricard, Huawei, Vivo, Metersbonwe and Adidas.

    As a strategic thinker, creative storyteller and designer, Sam’s sweet-spot lays at the intersection of business, design and technology, helping teams build strategies to unlock progressive ideas focussed on the human experience.

Designing value into the evolving experience economy

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Session S1
Meeting room 腾讯会议
Time 11/19 14:00-18:00
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Presentation Intro
Our presentation will develop a notion of the ‘Experience Economy’ into the concept of an ‘enablement economy' — A future in which consumers seek meaningful platforms for growth, not gimmicky experiences. The goal of our presentation is to inspire designers, brands and businesses to think deeply about the evolution of experience design and to start every challenge by understanding people’s real needs.

Presentation Synopsis
Using case studies and human insights, our presentation will discuss the Experience Economy as evolving beyond ‘staging experiences’ as a main driver of economic value. We believe the next waves of economic and human growth will spring from those companies that satisfy a demand for experiences that enable people to progress, develop and grow into the best possible version of themselves.

Takeaway Message
As experience designers living in an increasingly digital era, we have a responsibility to create these opportunities for growth and must do so through inclusive experiences designed for a diverse range of people. The exciting challenge we face collectively is discovering new ways to use a human centred approach to designing accessible experiences that are also deeply personalised.

Participants Benefit

1、 Inspire designers, brands and businesses to think deeply about the evolution of experience design
2、Encourage them to start every challenge by understanding people’s real needs

Work Case
  • Vivo TMT Final
  • Vivo TMT Inside
  • Vivo Take Me There (TMT) Introduction
  • Vivo Experience Overview
  • Vivo TMT Experience Overview
  • Vivo TMT User flow
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