Inclusive Design for Digital Product Experience - Hidden Secrets of Business Success in HCD
  • Vera Zhang Vera Zhang Thoughtworks Senior User Experience Designer

    She is a senior UX designer and consultant at ThoughtWorks and has provided design and consulting services to many major international retail brands and high-end car brands. She specializes in user research, digital product strategy design, business and service design, and innovation and design thinking consulting.
    She has a background in both inclusive design and service design and has extensive methodological theory and practical experience.
    She has also started his own business in digital products. She has a double degree in service design from Tongji University and Politecnico di Milano.

    Design philosophy: every good service design project can be a good entrepreneurial opportunity.

Inclusive Design for Digital Product Experience - Hidden Secrets of Business Success in HCD

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Session D3
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

What is Inclusive Design? How is it different from universal design and barrier-free design?
When we refer to inclusive design, we often equate the objects of inclusive design with the elderly and the disabled, ignoring the wider application scenarios of inclusive design and its feasibility.

This workshop will systematically explain the values ​​and thinking of inclusive design, introduce related processes and tools, and cooperate with actual cases and exercises to help participants think about how to delineate the groups that products should be inclusive under limited resources. How to make products inclusive and to apply inclusive design to the greatest extent possible.

The specific content includes:
1. Overview of Inclusive Design
1.1 Concepts and values ​​of inclusive design
1.2 The history of inclusive design
1.3 Similarities and differences between inclusive design, barrier-free design, and universal design

2. The business value of inclusive design
2.1 Value in reducing product costs
2.2 Value in tolerance of diverse groups of people
2.2 Value in enhancing brand image

3. Methods and tools for inclusive design
3.1 Inclusive design wheel
3.2 Dimensions and object delineation of inclusive design
3.3 Guiding Principles of Inclusive Design
3.4 Inclusive measurement and evaluation

4. Application sharing of inclusive design in digital products
4.1 Take the corporate Leave system as an example to explain how to actually implement the principle of digital inclusiveness
4.2 Take the design workshop for the hearing impaired as an example to explain how to empathize with users and discover inclusive design problems through co-creation

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Kickoff
2、Concept Explanation: Inclusive Design
3、Methodology: Inclusive Design Cycle, Methods And Tools For Research, Design and Measurement
4、Case Sharing: Examples of Inclusive Design
5、Practice: Group Exercise, Experience Disabilities Crowd Situation, Discover And Optimize Digital Product Issues
6、Achievement Display and Summary

Target Audience

1、User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer
2、Product Manager, User Researcher
3、Marketing Personnel, Technical Personnel
5、Any People Interested In Inclusive Design

Participants Benefit

1、Understand a new design value
2、Master the implementation process and methodology of inclusive design
3、Re-examine the experience and users from a new perspective
4、Bring new design guidelines to your products

Work Case
  • Capability measurement of the elderly in China (pilot project)
  • "Harmony but Different" Inclusive Design Hackathon
  • Application of Digital Inclusive Design Specification in Interface
  • Inclusive Metrics Catalog
  • Inclusive design dimension
  • Inclusive Design Cycle
  • Delimitation of inclusive objects
  • Concept of Inclusive Design
Guess You Like
  • Capability measurement of the elderly in China (pilot project) 18
  • "Harmony but Different" Inclusive Design Hackathon 28
  • Application of Digital Inclusive Design Specification in Interface 38
  • Inclusive Metrics Catalog 48
  • Inclusive design dimension 58
  • Inclusive Design Cycle 68
  • Delimitation of inclusive objects 78
  • Concept of Inclusive Design 88
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