Business-driven intelligent design and innovation design
  • Ouyang Bei Ouyang Bei Senior Interaction Designer

  • Xueyuan Li

    Xueyuan Li Senior Interaction Designer

  • Zhang Dongli

    Zhang Dongli Senior Visual Designer

Business-driven intelligent design and innovation design

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Session D2
Meeting room 罗马
Time 11/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the development of Internet, all sorts of products are undergoing revolutionary transformation to intelligence based. To certain extent, design is still a “labour intensive” work, but in the era of AI, the basic designs are going to be replaced eventually. Under this kind of background, what should designers do to deal with the ever-changing trends and innovation of technology? What should they do to increase their values, and maintain their competitiveness?

In this workshop, the speakers will integrate examples from different projects and leading trends in the industry, to share the ways to utilize design thinking and useful tools, as well as integrating the Big data and technology upgrades, and realizing the co-innovation of design and technology. Designers no longer need to focus on the pixel or basic logics, but will be able to put more efforts into product experience and creative designs, enhancing the value added in designs.
This workshop includes:
1. Trends
1.1. The new AI + UED design model
1.2. Position and value of Experience design within the overall experience in the future

2. Pain points
2.1. From BI to AI, the relationship between intelligent products and designers

3. Emphasis
3.1. Symbiosis
From social fission X user growth single point design empowerment business, to Social Cube: one-stop social marketing platform, conventional UED being replaced by instrumentalization, automatic business processes extending to more scenarios, Ling Long intelligent design platform, UED and technology integration, cross-boundary upgrade

3.2. Development
In the environment of Big data, the spread of intelligent algorithm vastly improve user efficiency. Under this background, product design needs to breakthrough the inherent mode to bring in new business growth points and high-added commercial values.

4. Future
The upgrades of intelligent hardware inspired the discussion for the next generation Human-Machine interaction design, and possibly step up the dimension of interaction in the future.

Structure and Agenda

1、Background introduction and defining leading trends
2、Introduction: thinking models, role of design, analysis of values
3、Case Study: Application examples and verification
4、Q&A session and discussions

Target Audience

1、Intermediate and Senior Interaction Designers
2、User Experience Designers
3、Visual Designers

Participants Benefit

1、Assist intermediate and senior designers construct systems of professional knowledge
2、Discuss the effects and motivations of AI to designs and designers
3、Find an entry point for breakthroughs and reflecting the values of design with innovations

Work Case
  • Case study
  • Case study
  • Case study
  • Case study
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