Speaker Apply

Speech type:

1. Keynote speech: as the highest stage in IXDC conference, 3000 attendees, 18 minutes speech, discussing the hot issues concerning major industries, exploring reformation and innovation of all industries, deciding the developing trend.

2. Summit speech: In the form of "speech + forum". Three speakers are invited to have a 30-minute speech relatively under a specific topic, after which the speakers will participate in a 50-minute forum.

3. Workshop: In the form of "theory+practice", 3 hours. Leading participants to learn and practice working methods and skills.

4、Round tables: In the form of "discussion + roundtable sharing", 2 hours, 10 participants at a table, to carry out more precise and effective social activity.

Requirements for speakers:

1. Workshop speakers: at least six years of UX-relevant professional work experience; summit speakers: at least eight years of UX-relevant professional work experience.

2. Experienced in giving presentation or professional training. Excelled in expressiveness, communication skills and on-site interactive ability.

3. Content is required to be specify in subjects, clear in descriptions, notable in cases and has not been presented in any other occasion.

4. Content must be original and speaker must promise not to violate other individuals' IPR.

5. Speakers should submit relevant materials according to given schedule and be cooperative in promotion activities.

How to apply:

1. Submit your application. Click the “Apply” button, fill in the application form online and submit.

2. Application processing. Once qualification is verified, you will receive the content application notification sent by the committee. Please submit your presentation materials on time. The committee will reach you for further discussion about the content and schedule in a week.

3. Content conformation. Once conformed, an official confirmation will be sent by the committee via email, in which your rights and responsibility, IPR terms and other information will be written in detail.

4. Content publication. Information of the theme of the content and the speaker will be released on our official website and used in other promoting media of IXDC.

Applications closed on March 31, 2017

Contact us:

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