Through the following content , you can:

Listen to popular cases , get practice on projects

Accumulate skills and experiences , improve your career

Contact with experts , expand your networks

Negotiate business cooperation , promote personal image

150 top leaders

The meeting will bring the world’s top design and business leaders together to discuss how to make our world achieve greater progress and be more wonderful by design! We had these speakers in the past: Esslinger、Paul Gardien ,Bo Begole ,Alex Faaborg ,Barry Katz ,Larry Leifer ,Charles Hayes etc.

There will be 12 keynote speeches , 30 summits, 84 practical workshops during the conference. Design leaders, experts, elites from home and abroad will give an original ideas by combining their own design experience, which refers to interactive design , visual design ,user research ,design management ,service design ,design thinking as well as many other subjects.





A relaxing and cheerful business gathering

We will have high-end and private social parties. Despite acquiring knowledge tensely, we also provide you a relaxing atmosphere. You can interact and communicate freely , express your thoughts and ideas, make friends with the excellent experts from other countries. You are able to show enterprise’s image and your personal image.

Investigations of the international enterprises of Internet

We will have a deep visit to Baidu "Deep learning" Institute ,Microsoft ,MIMU and other transnational Internet enterprise and design companies. You will experience the culture and the atmosphere of different enterprises , interact with elite teams ,expand businesses and cooperate with them.

About us

International eXperience Design Committee (IXDC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the support of over 20 famous companies and universities in China. Its primary responsibility is to promote the notion of experiencing the value of innovation to the society, and its significant task is to construct an international platform for exhibition and communication.

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