Learning from the New Normal
  • Albert Shum Albert Shum Microsoft Corporate Vice President

    Albert leads a collaborative team of designers and researchers imagining the future of experiences and devices at Microsoft. With over 25 years of product, brand, and digital design expertise, Albert has led initiatives at global companies like Nike and Microsoft to scale design thinking and create compelling experiences for hundreds of millions. His team currently drives incubation for the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, focused on coherent, inclusive design across diverse platforms to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Albert is known to muse on creativity, ambient computing, the responsibility of designers in the fourth industrial revolution, and the perfect bowl of ramen.

Learning from the New Normal

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Time 12/18 14:00-17:00
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Design Thinking
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The design industry had a planned trajectory at the start of 2020 – new design systems, form factors, and interaction models for human behaviors as we understood them. Then everything changed. With the rapid escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, the functions of a society have been put into sharp relief. We’ve seen the disruption of fundamental behaviors, cultures, and economies. What has changed? And what have we learned?

As designers, what we choose to do with these insights impacts our field at scale. The path we take in designing for extraordinary circumstances lays the groundwork for trends of the future. Join Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft, for the IxDC keynote discussion on the unexpected lessons that come from humanity’s most foundational instinct: to connect to each other.

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