Service Design is The Upgrade Driver of the Internet Medical Experience
  • Xiaochuan Zhou Xiaochuan Zhou PingAn Senior Manager of Experience Design

Service Design is The Upgrade Driver of the Internet Medical Experience

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Session F5
Meeting room 303A
Time 12/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

I have been engaged in Internet design for nearly ten years, and have certain methods and understanding of how design can better serve business and create user value. How to respond to the changes from the traditional industry and provide appropriate experience solutions and experience design innovations is a huge challenge facing current experience designers.

Faced with the characteristics of multiple roles, emphasis on services, and online and offline, designers face two major challenges in the design of Internet medical product experience:
First, how to resolve users' trust and usage habits in online diagnosis and treatment;
The second is how to improve the efficiency of medical services while ensuring the quality of medical services (that is, user satisfaction).

This workshop will use cases to introduce how to use service design thinking to create an overall closed-loop, full-link experience design for online, offline, full-process, and full-scenario. Lead participants to understand the relationship and demands of service recipients and service providers among stakeholders, explain how to sort out and integrate multiple contacts and multiple roles, provide users with one-stop product services, and improve user experience and satisfaction Degrees, which in turn can apply design methods to other areas.

The specific content to be learned in the workshop include:
By introducing common research methods and field experience design thinking, and introducing offline field survey methods, the project's main designers can clearly describe the entire link process, establish empathy, understand the real situation, and discover product pain points;

Sort out the relationship between users, doctors, hospitals and other roles, so that designers can clearly understand the needs of users, and tap experience innovation points;

3.1 Draw the experience flow chart
3.2 Stakeholder Map
3.3 Sort out key service touch points
3.4 Implementing Design Results
3.5 Optimize the design process

User experience measurement, precipitation and summary after product launch, continuous iteration

Structure and Agenda

1. Workshop Introduction: Introduction
2. Example analysis: Taking products as examples, explain how to use design thinking to promote product experience design upgrade
3. Practice interaction: Case study in groups
4. Open Q & A: Free exchange in Q & A
5.Summary review

Target Audience

1. 3-5 years experience designer, interaction designer, full link designer
2. Product manager, product designer
3.Internet practitioners

Participants Benefit

1. Able to understand users' demands for Internet medical treatment (such as online consultation, prescription drug purchase, private doctor, etc.)
2. Be able to grasp how service design helps Internet medical care experience upgrade
3. Ability to master service design methods and build global design thinking

Work Case
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