Content Experience Design Model Drive Business Growth
  • Mengmeng Xu Mengmeng Xu Tencent China Literature Visual Design Expert

    Currently, she is the visual design expert of the Tencent China Literature, responsible for the design of the QiDian Reading. She has been responsible for product design at Tencent, Microsoft, and startup companies. Before working, she graduated from Tsinghua University, Department of Architecture.

    In the context of product growth, she advocates the innovative thinking to solve business problems, proposes a content-centric design methodology, promote a change from user thinking to business thinking, and proactively address business challenges in order to improve user experience and drive business growth.

Content Experience Design Model Drive Business Growth

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Session F4
Meeting room 302B
Time 12/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

After the traffic dividend, the focus of the current product competition is growth. As a content product designer, how to use the design method to help products solve the growth problem has become our new challenge. I will take the starting point as an example to introduce the design strategy I explored in the context of growth-content experience design.

The main content of the workshop:
1、Content experience design
1.1 In a growth environment, how should we as a design practitioner respond, can traditional design methods provide us with effective guidance to solve new problems?
1.2 User Experience vs. Content Experience
It ’s not enough just to focus on the experience: the product resorts to content for business purposes, the content is transmitted to the user by some kind of information, the user uses the product to promote content consumption, and the product is pushed to the user to complete the content business. .

2、Designed to enhance content experience
2.1 Factors Affecting Content Experience
Content production, content operation, content consumption
2.2 Problems Solved by Content Experience
Created experience, operational experience, product use experience
2.3 Summary: delve into business and make design more valuable
Design has never been a solution to the problem of appearance, not enough understanding of business, any design is futile, we need to change our thinking, from user thinking to content thinking.

3、Methodology: Content Experience Design Model
3.1 Ideal content experience
We hope that the platform's content can provide users with a flow of experience, guide the user's emotional experience through a design method, immerse users in content, immerse users in content products, and enjoy themselves, bringing user time and retention And increase in growth indicators such as paid conversions.
3.2 Content experience design map
· In the content production process, solve the user-created content experience.
Users can create content, which can be text, pictures, videos, or other forms, products that provide motivation, incentives, guided dissemination, and strategies that connect creators;
· In content operation, object-oriented provides different solutions.
According to the audience, there are different design strategies for new users, retention users, paying users, and active users to improve the user size, duration, retention and paid conversion rate.
· Content consumption, to solve the problem of product experience, which is also our best way.
From user research, interaction design, visual design, event design, etc., to make the product available, easy to use, and meet user expectations.
3.3 Summary: The Meaning of Content Experience Design Maps
The content experience map provides designers with a new perspective, hoping to inspire other designers to think about the value of design.

4、Application of content experience map in products
4.1 [Case] ​​The beginning of this chapter says
Introduction to the starting point of reading UGC content design background and goals, methods and approaches, content analysis, design strategies, and design verification.
4.2 [Case] ​​Immersive Reading Lab
This article introduces the design background and goals, methods and approaches, content analysis, design strategy, and design verification of the starting point reading live wallpaper project.

5、Workshop session
Group practice: Select the topic as a unit, use the content experience map to propose a design plan, and elaborate the plan. Finally, vote for the best design and give the gift to the group.

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: introduction to the warm field and process
2、Keynote speech: Introduce the derivation process of content experience design, design tools for content experience design maps, and practical applications in product design.
3、group coaching: use the content experience map to solve problems, and explain in groups
4、Open Q & A: Q & A free communication

Target Audience

1、Visual designer with 2-4 years experience
2、Interaction designer with 2-4 years of experience
3、Designers in the design innovation period of 2-4 years
4、Product managers, design students, and design enthusiasts

Participants Benefit

1、Understand how to make design innovation based on business, how designers can break business, and tap and grasp innovation opportunities;
2、Study the content experience design model and master the design and application of the method in content-shaped products or other types of products;
3、Break through the bottleneck of professional development and transform to a content designer;

Work Case
  • Content experience map application
  • Content experience design content
  • Content experience model
  • Content design process
  • User experience design
  • Interface display
  • Interface display
  • Interface display
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