Interaction Design Practices and the Future of a AI Map
  • Tengfei Dong Tengfei Dong Baidu AIG Senior Interaction Designer

    As a senior interaction designer at Baidu since 2012.

Interaction Design Practices and the Future of a AI Map

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Session A2
Meeting room VIP3-2
Time 12/17 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The knowledge system of interaction design continues to evolve with the development of society and technology.
Typical desktop systems, WEB2.0, and smart devices have profoundly affected the boundaries of this field.
What role should interaction design play in AI driven or supported product design?

With baidu's rapid realization of AI product innovation and AI technology commercialization in different fields.
Baidu's TPG/AIG designers have also come up with some credible answers through experimentation.

Through this workshop, participants will learn the design method of AI technology productization based on the design practice of Baidu Map, a new generation of a AI map.

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: content summary
2、Workshop background: the relationship between AI technology development and design in the industry
3、Design concept: current reliable AI interaction design method
4、Design practice: map/voice experience design/framework/map travel AI experience innovation, etc
5、AI designing the future: the evolution of thinking methods and knowledge structures

Target Audience

1、Designers who are willing to make the transition from traditional interaction design, revise the knowledge system.
2、An entry-level interaction designer who can effectively construct AI design thinking.
3、Visual and product designer, master AI interaction design knowledge, improve professional competitiveness.

Participants Benefit

1、Effectively construct AI design thinking, revise knowledge system, and improve professional competitiveness.

Work Case
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