The First Year Inspiration and Practice of AIGC Design Productivity
  • Dong Tengfei Dong Tengfei Baidu AIG Senior Interaction Designer

    As a senior interaction designer at Baidu since 2012.

The First Year Inspiration and Practice of AIGC Design Productivity

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Session A2
Meeting room VIP3-2
Time 12/17 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
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In 2023, AIGC will drive accelerated transformation across industries, bringing more innovation and change that will usher in a new era of content creation and design. In this new era, AIGC's technology can help break through the limitations of artificial productivity and change the way people socialize and communicate, so that people can express their ideas and creativity more freely.

For designers, this is an unprecedented opportunity. We will no longer be limited by traditional design methods, but will be able to use AIGC's technology to create more intelligent and personalized design works. This will bring designers more creative inspiration and freedom, and will also bring them more career opportunities and competitive advantages.

In order to help designers better grasp the design thinking of AIGC, we will conduct a design debate under the new wave of AIGC technology.

This course will integrate knowledge and practice, based on AI design and Baidu AIGC SaaS design application practice. Through this sharing, participants will be able to deeply understand and master AIGC design thinking from a career and work perspective, and you will be better able to cope with future design challenges and achieve greater success in your career.

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