(English Version) Conference Theme: "Digital Thinking" ,Leading The Industry to Create of New Digital Economy With a Sense of Happiness

A new round of scientific and technological revolutions sweeping the world, new technologies are constantly emerging, and the economic development in the digital age have shown unprecedented vigor and creativity. The digital economy has also become a meeting point for global cooperation.


In the new digital economy, the impact of new technologies on humans is no longer confined to daily life. The new generation of information technology applications represented by big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence (Ai) has set off a new information architecture. The integration of digital technology and design innovation is improving the details of our daily lives. How will the consumption market change and restructure in the future? How do companies use technology, design thinking, and industrial thinking in depth? What is the best path for businesses to enter the digital age?

Sustainable development of enterprises in the era of digital economy

1. Return to user value

The increasing popularity of digital technology has accelerated the transformation of user thinking patterns. On the one hand, users' perception of the digital world and their interaction with the digital world will become the key trend of the times. on the other hand, user experience and customer experience (UX / CX) are closely connected and continue to promote the digital restructuring of enterprises. When enterprises start the digital revolution, they need to actively explore and practice the principle of humane centered, building a systematic network among users, brands, and consumers to satisfy the personalized service experience of the user and back the consideration of user value.

2. The sustainability of design for good

The concept of Digital Wellbeing proposed by Google I/O; Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the importance of emotional experience at the annual developer conference and he will asked himself a question before develop new products each time: “Will this product make people's lives better? “ CEOs from 181 top global companies issued a joint statement to redefine their corporate mission. Tencent, for one, renew their mission to “User-centered and creating tech for social good” in their 21st anniversary celebration; we are beginning to get more understanding to the concept of UX for Good, Mindful design, Design for Good and Inclusive Design in the emerging technology industry.


The above has repeatedly shown that companies no longer focus on the advancement of technology, they expect to pay more attention to improve people's lives by developing the products and service experiences. Companies can only pursue commercial, technology and sustainable development by focusing on human-centered design and design for the significance of human life by digital transformation.

3. Symbiosis of value, Collaborative Development

According to industry reports issued by major data organizations, digital technologies significantly promote the global economic upgrading each year, the form of global cooperation is gradually moving towards borderless and boundary-less. A series of digital transformation and upgrading has redefine the internal capacity of enterprises. The dividend of the digital economy has further accelerated the construction of smart commerce, and has given birth to new thinking on the future experience value—exploring the balance between the benefits of digital innovation and the value of user experience. Digital thinking will guide enterprises and practitioners to place user value at the core of innovation, and realize the coordinated and sustainable development of society, enterprise, business and user value.

Creation of New Digital Economy With a Sense of Happiness

After experiencing the explosive growth of digital devices, we have witnessed the potential impact of digital devices on life, and have begun to view the digital process rationally. According to the survey results of the "Digital Social Index 2019", many users still say that their digital needs have not been fully met. More and more users are beginning to pay attention to how digital technology innovations affect our emotions, quality of life and happiness sense. For enterprises, we need to design around people's basic needs and develop a digital economy that serves all people in the society. The new demand model in the digital age puts human needs at the most central position. Through optimized digital product and service experience, it effectively improves the public's sense of gain and happiness, and better enjoys the high-quality development dividend of the new era.


In order to lead the industry in a challenging digital economy environment, to better reflect on the integration of digital capabilities and design thinking, and guide enterprises and practitioners to start new work in various scenarios. The International Conference of Experience Design (sponsored by IXDC) proposes the annual theme of "Digital Thinking", from three key dimensions "Customer Experience", "Platform Economics", "Intelligent Computing" ). In the era of the digital economy, when designing and innovating digital products, software, equipment, and experience design for the digital industry and the consumer Internet, our focus should initiative returning to humanity and designed for a good experience and sustainable development, creating a new era of digital economy with a sense of happiness.


The International Conference of Experience Design will be held in Beijing 2020 in the National Convention Center. From the day the conference was found, IXDC is expected largely to play the role of "design diplomacy", build a bridge of communication across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries, helping people to develop their global perspective. Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of design leaders, business leaders, and product operators have gathered on this stage, committed to exploring and sharing the most cutting-edge ideas and technologies in the design industry, continuously learning and communicating, establishing cooperation and finding a new gathering place for the commercialization of enterprises in the future. Standing at the beginning of a brand new decade in the 21st century, IXDC continues to take the experience innovation as the driving force, and filled with new energy through into different aspects of life such as industry, city, life, and work by design value.

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