Tracing to the source: User demand creates interactive products
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    Senior visual designer in the user experience design department of jd, who has won the title of quarterly star of jd and outstanding employee of the year for many times.

Tracing to the source: User demand creates interactive products

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Session D2
Meeting room 伦敦
Time 10/27 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Marketing Promotion
keynote content
Content Introduction

Based on user needs and the nature of H5, this paper analyzes how to create "good content" that can provide social monetization by using the principle of communication. In addition, according to the series of problems encountered in the project in recent years, the idea of replicable problem solving was refined to better promote the completion of the goal. At the same time, corresponding strategies are put forward for different stages: "induction of same demand" and "iterative updating of products caused by users' dissatisfaction". Marketers need to be based on consumer dissatisfaction and our solution - the birth of products to succeed opportunities "; How to reduce the user's alert psychology through some tactics.

This workshop consists of two parts, including:
1. Theme background analysis
1.1 why the topic is "tracing to the source"
1.2 is hot style and H5 controllable?
1.3 induction of the same demand
1.4 problems reflected by specific data (combined with case analysis)
2. Content manufacturing
2.1 the importance of positive content from the nature of H5
2.2 the role of designers is to improve users' sense of experience in every link
2.3 how to improve design perception based on the analysis of home page skip rate
2.4 how to improve user satisfaction in the interactive process by analyzing the churn rate, length of stay, etc
2.5 according to the data feedback, the means and effects we have adopted at present
2.6 conclusion derivation -- what is the opportunity for the success of the project
2.7 what measures can effectively promote the achievement of the project objective in the end of interaction vision
2.8 the ultimate purpose is to reduce users' vigilance

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction of warm-up: self-introduction, background and content of this workshop
2、Explain the methods and ideas of designers' practical operation by combining with practical work cases
3、 Practice in groups
4、Group presentation and summary and share q&a

Target Audience

1、Visual/marketing designer
2、Marketing designer
3、Design major students

Participants Benefit

1、Enhance business objectives by designing a professional enabling business
2、Broaden the designer's thinking so as to effectively complete the design scheme
3、To provide more scientific design decisions to prohibit the creation of ideas

Work Case
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