Learn to use Google's design sprint for design innovation
  • Vivian Gomes Vivian Gomes Human Factors Research & Design Co-Founder & Design Director

    Vivian with 30 years of hands on experience is a futurist Designer, Speaker at World Usability Congress, mentor at Google, board member of UXQCC Austria. He has set up Design studios at HP, Hallmark.

Learn to use Google's design sprint for design innovation

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Session B12
Meeting room 401
Time 07/11 15:45-17:45
Type Workshop
Language English
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

Applicable Design Thinking: There's hardly an industry that does not talk about Design thinking and User Experience. Almost all businesses and business roles are impacted and have moved or are in the process of moving towards a Design based approach. Through this session participants will learn about one of the most popular and foundational design processes based on convergent and divergent thinking that can be put to practical use by anyone irrespective of their domain.

The Design Sprint is a proven methodology for solving problems through identifying, designing, prototyping, and testing ideas or improving existing ones with users. Design Sprints quickly align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. it is a tool set for developing a hypothesis, prototyping an idea, and testing it rapidly with as little investment as possible in as real an environment as possible.

The Design Sprint and need for quicker innovations has taken the world by storm. The ways to do this is one of the most powerful distilled version of what and how design methods can be used to solve any problem for any industry in the shortest amount of time.

Introduction to methodology:
This workshop is based on Design Sprint and focuses on teaching anyone interested in innovations to follow a structured approach in a timely manner- time is very important value. This is a fun, fast paced and effective certified workshop.
The workshop will include the procedures, methods, master class for facilitators on what works and how to prepare. It also includes how to identify, filter and solidify a solution for any real world problem. Supported material includes templates, resources and mentoring guidelines.

The primary methodology is the convergent and divergent cognitive science based thought process to approach a problem or need using design thinking methodically. Attendees will learn how to use Design thinking and UX methodologies as an organizational wide language across all departments. This will help everyone in the company understand and apply design towards innovation in their field of work and also collaborate with other using a set of methods, tools and templates to explore, build, research and apply new ways of problem solving. This is globally popular and has been used by governments, start-ups, traditional businesses to extremely large corporations and across many continents.

Structure and Agenda

1、Understand: Lightning Talks
2、“How Might We’s” and Affinity mapping and voting
3、User Journey Maps
4、Define Success and Set Goals
5、Crazy 8’s: Bootup Note taking Sketching & Presenting & Voting Solution Sketch
6、Solution Sketch sharing and voting

Target Audience

1、Product Managers/ Designers
2、UI developers
3、Start Ups
4、Sales and Marketing

Participants Benefit

1、How to apply divergent and convergent ways design thinking
2、Methods of research and analysis
3、Methods for Organizing and sorting data effectively
4、Rapid prototyping
5、Applying Collective intelligence

Work Case
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