Systematic Design: Using pyramid thinking to improve design persuasion
  • Wei Renjia Wei Renjia Tencent CDC Senior User Experience Designer

Systematic Design: Using pyramid thinking to improve design persuasion

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Session E10
Meeting room 406
Time 07/13 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

As we all know, the government is the largest service provider. In some way, Our connection with the government runs through our lives. The government supposes to provide the best service, but the government service system is enormous and complex and the service provider are divided into hundreds of departments.

Redesigning government service system could the most complex and costly project in China. The challenge of the project is not only convincing the client to see the value of service design and the possibilities of what service design can make but also to unveil the difficulties of providing sustained and scaled end-to-end services.

In this case, I will introduce how to deal with those challenges we've faced via design system, meanwhile, how to create "Happiness" via design.

This workshop will help you understand the features of ToG (To Government) industry and government service designer through Tencent's national and provincial digital government projects. Learn how to enhance services through "Integrated Design Thinking" and master the skill to solve problems. Also, I would like to attract more outstanding designers to join in government service enhancing projects and creating "happiness" for everyone.

Structure and Agenda

1、 Introduction
1.1 Features of ToG industry
1.2 The complexity of the decision process
1.3 The precision of the design definition
1.4 The diversity of visual styles
2、The introduction & appliance of the methodology -- "Integrated Design Thinking"
2.1 How to build a service model
2.2 How to integrate service
2.3 How to apply service
2.4 The structure of "Integrated Design Thinking"
3、 Methodology appliance & Case study
3.1 How to apply "Integrated Design Thinking" during the design process
3.2 How to test the effectiveness of "Integrated Design Thinking" via user research
3.3 Assignment
3.4 Summary and wrap-up

Target Audience

1、UI/UX Designer, Branding Designer, User Researcher
2、Product Manager of ToG industry

Participants Benefit

1、Learn how to use “integrated design thinking” solve problems during the design project;
2、Learn a systematic service design method;
3、Learn the appliance of “integrated design thinking” during the service design process;
4、Master the skills of Accessible Design;
5、Know the relationship between government services and us;
6、Consider the possibilities of service design;

Work Case
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