Mindset disassembly: How to design inclusiveness in complex business localization
  • Hou Songyan Hou Songyan Ant Financial Senior user experience designer

Mindset disassembly: How to design inclusiveness in complex business localization

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Session G2
Meeting room 301B
Time 07/14 13:30-15:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

The recent years have witnessed a climbing number of Chinese FinTech business reaching out to a global market with their best practice in domestic Chinese market. Bold as they are, the business is confronted with challenges and pressures from multiple aspects, and this is due to the special and sensitive nature of the industry. Governments, regulators and other institutions have posed many limitations , not to mention local users' behaviour, habbit and mindset that are beyond our knowledge.

"One product, six countries" this is the kind of challenges that stand in the way for us as AntFinancial user experience designers working on E-Commerce sector. In this context, we make every effort to make sure we can deliver a localized experience while ultilizing our cutting-edge tech to create business values for both users and clients.

Along with my team in Ant Financial, I started some early dive into the SEA market, and through various user research and market analysis, we generate some basic principles of "design localization". With the help of classical design thinking methods and practices, we managed to customize and build upon to create some practices that are specifically designed for inclusiveness. We then leverage them in the payment and wallet design for SEA's leading ecommerce app Lazada.

Above will be introduced as part of the workshop, the outline is like this:
1. Case sharing
1.1 Problems about payment in SEA countries and how we solve them
1.2 Lower the level of business for easy understanding
2 Extract and consolidate the design principles and methods
2.1 Introduce the practices to reach to local mindsets
2.2 Introduce customized practices to break down users' mindsets based on psychological disciplines
2.3 From center to surface, how to design interaction and eventually land on interfaces based on mindset elements

The purpose of the workshop, is to ensure participants get to understand and use the principles and practices within 3 hours. Most importantly, it is about taking it back to your office and use it, so I will downgrade the business so that everyone can easily digest.

Structure and Agenda

1、Ice-breaking , Hopes & Fears
2、Intro: How we generally approach design for complicated business
3、Experience the SEA payment market
4、Case sharing: How we solve a specific Cash on Delivery issue
5、Design principles and practices (including design thinking and psychology methods)
6、Workshop: Topic sharing and warm up exercise
7、Workshop: Stage 1 - Business requirements break down
8、Workshop: Stage 2 - User mindset disassembly
9、Workshop: Stage 3 - Back to interface
10、Workshop: Stage 4 - Next steps
11、Related materials and resources

Target Audience

1、User researcher
2、Interaction designer
3、Designer on global market
4、Designer interested in inclusive design
5、Designer interested in design thinking

Participants Benefit

1、Understand how should we approach a user in a deeper way than design thinking
2、Understand basic facts and methods for payment related design

Work Case
  • Basic flow of COD
  • Mindset breakdown to social and life aspects
  • Customized persona
  • Real scenario of making an offline paymnet
  • The complexity of payment options in SEA
  • Lazada Wallet / Payment
  • Lazada Wallet / Payment
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