“Glocal Design”: Balance between unity and difference in international product design
  • JinJin JinJin DiDi Expert designer

    DiDi expert designer. Head of DiDi Global Driver App experience design. Lead the Global Driver team from extensive design to refined design transformation.

    In DiDi for more than 3 years. Has participated in the experience design of several core projects. Built DiDi design language guideline. Core member of DiDi 5.0 product revision project. Once was responsible for the design of the customer service system. Once was responsible for the design of the Webapp/applet.

    Have more than 7 years experience in design. Worked at Internet and design companies such as Netease. Has a number of national appearance patents.

“Glocal Design”: Balance between unity and difference in international product design

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Session F6
Meeting room 301B
Time 07/14 08:00-10:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The rapid development of transportation technology and the rapid spread of Internet information make it easier for people to connect. Many Internet products have broken through geographical boundaries and moved to an international market. Of course there are more products thinking about how to move towards internationalization. In the past two years, DiDi has been continuously exploring and running fast on the road of internationalization. DiDi has been launched in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and other regions.

DiDi's international experience design is also constantly explored and summarized. There are three ways to handle international design:

1. Globalization
A common solution to meet the needs of different regions. It is a highly unified design method.

2. Localization.
Different regions use different methods to meet local individual needs.
Can enhance the experience of local users. However, product maintenance costs are higher;

3.Globalization + localization.
It can also be called "Glocal-global+local".
Under the premise of unification, through flexible configuration, it not only ensures product efficiency, but also protects the personalized experience of local users.

The third design method used by DiDi.
Experience designers need to know the natural geography, social and humanities of each region.
Balance the product's unity and individualized expression. Designers have encountered many difficulties and accumulated a certain amount of experience.

The content of this workshop is included:
1、Types and characteristics of international products;
1.1 Decision factors for international products;
1.2 DiDi international product introduction;
2、How to build a database;
2.1 database example;
2.2 How the database is applied in the product;
3. How to efficiently implement the design of international products;
3.1 Tips for generalized screen design
3.2 Personalized expression of interface design;

In this workshop, participants can learn how to make decisions in the unified and differentiated functions. How to summarize the regional data through research and form a systematic data comparison library. How to efficiently implement a versatile and flexible design.

Structure and Agenda

1、Background introduction: Didi international design experience sharing

3、Group workshops: Rule introduction, group grouping, member breaking ice

4、Group workshops: Virtual project design, group results sharing

Target Audience

1、User Experience Designer

2、UI Designer

3、User researcher

4、Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the design ideas of DiDi international products

2、Understand the factors of international design decision

3、 Learning from international user research experience

4、Learn efficient design methods

Work Case
  • Database
  • Database building standards
  • Disassembly design direction
  • Experience design process
  • Japan - DiDi driver APP
  • Mexico - DiDi driver APP
  • Brazil - DiDi driver APP
  • Example of DiDi internationalization open area
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  • Database building standards 28
  • Disassembly design direction 38
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  • Example of DiDi internationalization open area 88
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