Digital upgrade, retail ushered in a new era of revolution
Intelligent Retail
  • Jay Demetillo Jay Demetillo Grab Senior Designer

    Jay currently serves as the user experience lead for Grab. Jay is currently responsible for Grabfood's product design and design research, using data and technology to help improve retail catering and distribution in this 620 million population. At the same time, Grab works with governments, drivers, passengers and charities to unlock the real potential of the region by addressing issues that hinder progress.

    Grab began as a taxi-hailing app in 2012, but has extended its product platform to include private car services (GrabCar & GrabShare), motorcycle taxis (GrabBike), social carpooling (GrabHitch) and last mile delivery (GrabExpress). We are focused on pioneering new commuting alternatives for drivers and passengers with an emphasis on speed, safety, and reliability. Currently we offer services in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam; however, we also have R&D offices in Bangalore, Beijing, & Seattle.

  • Liu Junjie Liu Junjie frog Senior Interaction Designer

  • Rachel Guo Rachel Guo UX Researcher

    Currently working as a UX researcher at in A'dam. Used to work at and Baidu in Beijing. User research democracy advocates, and believe in "Informed by data, driven by empathy".

  • Liu Xinghua Liu Xinghua ETU DESIGN Design Partner and Design Director

Digital upgrade, retail ushered in a new era of revolution

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Time 07/13 09:00-12:00
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Intelligent Retail
Introduction of the summit

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:Jay Demetillo《Redesigning GrabFood for Southeast Asia》
    Speaker:Jay Demetillo Grab,Senior Designer

    With the development of new information technology, with the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and deep integration of online and offline channels, various business structures are being reshaped by the new retail model, and the take-away industry is also one of the major business opportunities.

    Southeast Asia is one of the most challenging markets in this day and age. It has a user group in 11 different countries. Each country has great differences in geographical, political, cultural, and economic factors. It is a design problem in a highly complex area. With the next billion users coming online and evolving, how does a designer deal with these problems?

    Jay come from Western Culture and has lived in Silicon Valley for 8 years made me used to certain problems that dealt with intelligent retail differently. From the West to Asia to Southeast Asia, Jay has experienced different cultural norms and evolving political processes, the problems are endless but also super fun as a designer to tackle. GrabFood is a takeaway service. Grab enters the new retail catering distribution field by establishing a consumer service ecosystem to achieve a corporate strategy that makes everyday life easier for each user.

    In this summit speech, Jay will share his project experience in designing GrabFood's applications. The GrabFood platform includes a number of stakeholders. Jay will introduce how the team conducts user research through inclusive design, through Empathy Design's design for users ordering on GrabFood in Southeast Asia, through user-oriented The Center's sustainable design integrates products and services to make the GrabFood application more “intelligent”.

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  • Speech 2:Liu Junjie《Design thinking reshapes retail design》
    Speaker:Liu Junjie frog,Senior Interaction Designer

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  • Speech 3:Rachel Guo《Informed by Data, Driven by Empathy: User Research in The Era of New Retail》
    Speaker:Rachel Guo,UX Researcher

    What are the data? They are information, they are stories, they are continuous conversations, and they exist in different form of shapes. When entering the big data era, we tend to treat big data as the only source of truth. However, as UXers, maybe it is time for us to look back and do some critical thinking on how our insane love for big data has created blind spots for the human insights berried within it.

    At, we believe that data are powerful tools that can inform product innovation, we also believe that it is empathy that drives this innovation, because behind each data point there’s a real person, and each person has a lively story. Especially in the hospitality industry, the touch points of our user experience are not just limited within our products, we need to expand our understanding of user experience in a larger picture, and truly design our product with a more humanizing perspective of user data. In this talk, I will share my understanding of user research in the era of big data, and how to use mix research methods/framework (i.e. contextual inquiry, participatory design, user experience journey, and archetypes) to collect and analyzing user data for better and humanizing design.

    Work Case
    • Rachel Guo - Contextual Inquiry
    • Rachel Guo - Use Card Sorting to Understand Users' Mental Model
  • Speech 4:Liu Xinghua《Create a new experience in the membership system》
    Speaker:Liu Xinghua ETU DESIGN,Design Partner and Design Director

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