Design culture empowers organization innovation
Design Management
  • Cheng Feng Cheng Feng DiDi Senior Director

  • Li Ou Li Ou NIO User Digital Product UED Director

  • Xu Jian Xu Jian JD Visual Design Expert

  • Guo Linying Guo Linying Verizon media Sr. Manager of Design and Research

  • Guo Hongwei Guo Hongwei Shopee Head of Design

    With over 10 years of industry experience as a UX practitioner, Hong Wei now leads the design team at Shopee Singapore. In his day to day, he oversees the design and brand of Shopee’s consumer products across seven Southeast Asian regions including payments, discovery optimisation and growth and promotion. He manages a diverse team of designers from different cultures and backgrounds that strive to create people-centred design that is aligned with Shopee’s business strategy.
    Prior to Shopee, Hong Wei was the Director of MiWifi and VR design at Xiaomi and Head of CDC at Tencent.

  • Qi Junyuan Qi Junyuan Teambition Founder and CEO

  • Qiu Yin Qiu Yin FOUNDER FounderType Design Director

  • Liu Mi

    Liu Mi Xinhua Zhiyun Technology Design Director


Design culture empowers organization innovation

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Session R2
Meeting room 301(A+B)
Time 07/11 13:30-17:30
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
Introduction of the summit

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:Cheng Feng《Design humanities and mechanisms》
    Speaker:Cheng Feng DiDi,Senior Director

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:Li Ou《Build A Driving Design Team by Establishing Value Culture》
    Speaker:Li Ou NIO,User Digital Product UED Director

    The design of mobile Internet product has entered the “second half.” Now it is no longer the era of experience-first. Mobile Internet is breaking into the traditional industries at a large scale. With that as a backdrop, many new products and design teams have emerged, so have lots of design management professionals.
    Design and design management are two skill sets which are entirely different. From my perspective, design management includes four aspects: manage team goals, manage team structure, manage team members, and manage team output. The first three aspects decide the team’s development potential, while the last one decides the team’s current strength. Most new design managers will make the mistake that they put too many efforts into the last one while ignoring the first three.

    What is the basis of management? The answer is setting up the right team values.

    In this speech, the speaker will use his years of management experience to share his views on how to manage the team with higher proficiency.

    The summit will cover three parts:

    1. How to set up the right team values
    Team values are codes of conduct and goals of the team, as well as an underlying understanding of the design functions. All we have to do is to define these things and reach a consensus within the team.

    2. How to quickly align team values
    NIO UED pursues a complete set of values inherited from NIO’s top-level design. Through NIO’s classic “Vision-Action” method, NIO UED has spread this set of values within the team.

    3. Build a design team that can drive both the upstream and downstream through values

    A driving-force design team can stimulate both the upstream and downstream of design (in particular upstream product managements and businesses). In this part, we are going to talk about the boundary of being design-driven, and how to gradually expand the boundary for the design team by adopting design management tools.

    This presentation will facilitate attendants to gain a thorough understanding of what should be the values for design teams and how building design values can help to make complicated design management concisely efficient and effective.

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:Xu Jian《Xu Jian《Design Management - Objectively assess team and outcome output》》
    Speaker:Xu Jian JD,Visual Design Expert

    Work Case
    • Xu Jian - 创意设计背景
    • Xu Jian - 创意设计逻辑
    • Xu Jian - SNS (H5) 案例:《 220V 带电青年》
    • Xu Jian - SNS (H5) 案例:《我可能是个艺术家》
  • Speech 4:Guo Linying《Build a team design culture and design a product that keeps pace with the times》
    Speaker:Guo Linying Verizon media,Sr. Manager of Design and Research

    Work Case
    • Guo Linying - 使用者調研專案如何導入完整產品與設計策略
    • Guo Linying - 使用者中心的組織基因,讓產品迅速上線到各國產品線,同時有跨國延展性與高度localization客製化
  • Speech 5:Guo Hongwei《Design in Southeast Asia: Building a multinational design team, moving from “adaptation” to “sustainability”》
    Speaker:Guo Hongwei Shopee,Head of Design

    Designing in Southeast Asia: Managing a multinational team and adapting to sustainability.
    Speaker: Guo Hong Wei (Head of Design at Shopee)
    In Southeast Asia, e-commerce is becoming a force to be reckoned with as we witnessed growth exceeding 62% in the last three years. As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, the Shopee design team faces various challenges everyday such as establishing a sustainable design process and designing across countries while considering differences in cultural needs and political regulations.
    In my presentation with real-world cases, I hope that the participants can better understand how a multinational design team can benefit from team building processes that focus on diversity and how to improve workflows from a sustainable design system. In this highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, I will also share how a team can achieve localised design breakthroughs from aligning design goals with systematic design frameworks, thus reducing uncertainty and achieving design-led growth for the company.

    Work Case
  • Speech 6:Qi Junyuan《"Collaboration" empowers a new generation of business organizations》
    Speaker:Qi Junyuan Teambition,Founder and CEO

    Work Case
  • Speech 7:Qiu Yin《Brand custom fonts: Empowering corporate business ecosystem through font design》
    Speaker:Qiu Yin FOUNDER,FounderType Design Director

    Work Case
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  • Xu Jian - 创意设计背景 16
  • Xu Jian - 创意设计逻辑 16
  • Xu Jian - SNS (H5) 案例:《 220V 带电青年》 16
  • Xu Jian - SNS (H5) 案例:《我可能是个艺术家》 16
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  • Guo Linying - 使用者調研專案如何導入完整產品與設計策略 16
  • Guo Linying - 使用者中心的組織基因,讓產品迅速上線到各國產品線,同時有跨國延展性與高度localization客製化 16
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