Consulting power of service design in complex business situations.
  • Huang Yue Huang Yue Accenture Management Consultant

Consulting power of service design in complex business situations.

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Session G1
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Time 07/21 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
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Content Introduction

In the era of user-centered experience economy, experience has become a key factor to drive business transformation and revenue growth of organizations, so designers who create experience also play an indispensable role in business environment, and service design is attracting more and more attention as well. Under the complicated organization system, design covers a wide range of contents and categories, from tangible products, to systems, and then to intangible services and cultures. Service design and experience masters need to deal with multiple roles, coordinate the demands of different interest groups, and it is far from enough to only complete the design plan itself.

As an experience/service design practitioner in a complex organization, have you ever encountered such a scenario:
1. Design decisions involve too many stakeholders who hold conflicting demands;
2. Most colleagues do not have design backgrounds, they don't understand all the stages that design needs to go through at all, and consider that it is fine to just draw prototypes;
3. Business demanders /leaders hold a tough attitude, they already have their own design ideas and ask us to comply with their orders, but clearly know that such practices are completely wrong in their minds;
4. You make a set of experience design solutions that you are proud of, and no one recognizes them.
5. You communicate well with your business and your plan is feasible, but you meet difficulties at the technical level where you have to make a new start;

Design consulting power can help you solve the above problems.
Whether you are in Party A or Party B, experience design/service design needs consulting power to understand the business background, consult the demands of multiple parties, redefine problems, and find new scenarios for balancing experience business and technology.
This workshop will lead you to improve the consulting power of design around a key point, divide the design process into the earlier, middle and later phase, gradually dismantle the difficult situations and coping ways to help you strengthen the discourse rights as designers and achieve success step by step.

In the workshop, the main contents include:
1. Service design traps in complex organizations
1. Adaptation of design thinking in complex business scenarios
2. Management consulting methods to help designers improve design persuasiveness

Structure and Agenda

1. Workshop introduction: service design in complex business scenarios; overview of design consulting skills
2. Workshop practice: understand the core demands of stakeholders and the nature of problems
3. Workshop practice: manage and balance the interests of multiple stakeholders and make value sequencing for design requirements.
4. Workshop practice: use change management to make your design solutions more acceptable.

Target Audience

1. Service designers
2. experience designer
3. Design managers
4. Product managers
5. Experience consultants

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the methods of stakeholders' demands and make design avoid detours.
2. Manage the appeals of multi-stakeholders from multiple perspectives and the capabilities to balance conflicts from different angles
3. Make use of management consulting methods to make your design solutions more acceptable.
4. Real case sharing of experience design in consulting companies

Work Case
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  • 黄悦 - 某服装零售服务设计O2O体验旅程
  • 黄悦 - 某智能语音产品&服务竞品研究
  • 黄悦 - 某智能语音产品&服务概念故事版
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