Full-channel for constructing the new retailing pattern
Wisdom Retail

  • Xu Ming Xu Ming JD.com VI Design Expert

  • Xu Sheng Xu Sheng frog Design Associate Technical Director

  • Zhao Jing Zhao Jing MassThinker Co-founder

  • Casper Li

    Casper Li Publicis.Sapient User Experience Manager

    李昂先后就职于路透社、Adobe、ThoughtWorks 等跨国公司,与来自不同国家和文化背景的设计师、工程师、产品专家紧密合作,为多个世界级产品创造了全新的用户体验。借助设计思维和精益创业思想,李昂也帮助多家世界知名企业和机构,进行针对中国市场的创新实验。李昂拥有伦敦大学学院人机交互专业硕士学位。

    Sapientrazorfish 为阳狮集团旗下数字营销平台 Pulicis.Sapient 合并旗下两大品牌 Razorfish 及 SapientNitro,组成新的公司 SapientRazorfish。合并后的 SapientRazorfish 将为客户提供规模化的数字营销服务,即客户将同时得到原先两大代理厂牌各自不同的专业服务内容。Sapientrazorfish 在数字化转变的世界中,跨越市场营销、数字化和战略咨询以及技术服务。通过将数字化作为业务核心,客户不仅可以加速组织与客户之间的价值交换,而且能够在一个迅速变化的世界中灵活地发展。

Full-channel for constructing the new retailing pattern

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Session R8
Meeting room 大会堂B-展厅
Time 07/21 14:30-17:20
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Services Design
Introduction of the summit

The popularity of “new retailing” doesn’t occur by accident. The bonus of industrial internet is gradually retreating. A new commercial revolution has arrived. Under the rapid development of new technology, the wisdom retailing era has arrived. It seems that retailing is redefined. Each merchant starts beginning with the full-channel shopping experience of online and offline integration and coordinates with the brand-new channel pavement strategy with scientific and technological innovation. Facing to the endless new pattern, how retailing industry can be developed? How about the future of wisdom retailing?

In this summit, we will invite the famous new retailing brand owners, senior founders, design directors and big data researchers to share all aspects of retailing experience from online, offline and full-process service experience, including wisdom order and intelligent experience services, hoping employees who are interested in it will master new knowledge and participate in new experience.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《》
    Speaker:Xu Ming JD.com,VI Design Expert

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:《》
    Speaker: ,

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《How to Live up to Rapid Design Verification and Iteration in Online and Offline Service Experience Design 》
    Speaker:Xu Sheng frog Design,Associate Technical Director

    Integration of online and offline service scenes will provide more space for designers to develop themselves: design media is expanded to offline space and aterials from pixel. The design boundary is changed into the unknown services from the definite scene framework. The subsequent challenge is that implementation of offline experience has the longer period relative to the traditional internet products and data collection difficulty is higher. Moreover, feedback is not timely. Frog always reflects on and explores how to use internet products to rapidly construct the prototype and minimal available products, verify the iteration thinking in the design and operation stage to design and implement user experience under the online and offline integration, hoping to display our opinions and early-stage methodology through problem deconstruction and sharing of new retailing cases of Frog.

    Work Case
  • Speech 4:《Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Service Design in the New Retailing Era 》
    Speaker:Zhao Jing MassThinker,Co-founder

    With the arrival of the new retailing era, experts in different fields have different explanations on it. Many people mistake new retailing as self-service and online and offline data connection. MassThinker summarizes the new retailing tendency development and influence factors from the previous project study, gives the 4 key trends and corresponding key scenes, and provides three studies and conceptual design cases about the new retailing field, including observation and design on McKinsey’s full-channel experience, new retailing commercial mode design of Home Inn, and full-channel experience study and conceptual design of SAIC Chexiangjia. In the end, the speaker elaborates how AI can help service design of channel experience in the new retailing era as a technology and gives 7 cases. Through the sharing, the speaker hopes that audiences comprehend new retailing experience design and need to reflect on the retailing transformation from commercial mode, user demands, and channel service design. Moreover, in today’s society with the mainstream AI technology, how can we use AI technology to assist the channel experience deisgn and help to transform customers?

    Work Case
    • Baccarat game experience design of Macao Casino
    • Observation and conceptual design on McKinsey’s full-channel experience
Target Audience

1. Visual designers, interactive designers and service designers
2. E-commerce user researchers and product managers
3. Market, retailing and adverting employees and enthusiasts
4. E-commerce and retailing entrepreneurs, leaders and CEO

Participants Benefit

1. Master online and offline user behaviors
2. Master new form and new tendency of retailing experience

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