Build up A User-centered Membership System
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Build up A User-centered Membership System

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Session A9
Meeting room 202B
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the increasing of competition, more and more companies feel that traditional CRM has been difficult to cultivate loyal users, and the cost of customer acquisition/maintenance is increasing. Customer management in the future should gradually turn to customer experience management(CEM), which focus on end to end whole experience management.

Topic:In this workshop, participants can learn about how to create business value combining design thinking with business thinking. Based on deep user understanding, an innovative membership system can build up emotional connection with customers. Participants can learn about 4 things: how to set business goal; how to apply design thinking to user study; how to come up with valuable insights with business impact; how to design a membership system with these insights. Design thinking, membership system design, KANO model, Crawler, Gamification, etc. are included in the workshop.

Design thinking: Know about users' potential needs with deep user understanding and figure out insights with business impact
Membership system model: A membership system model includes three modules: Benefits system, task system and growth model
KANO model: KANO applies user expectation standard into user management system, and divides different levels of demand with quantitative research.
Crawler: Find out innovated scenarios with big data technology
Gamification: Combining core needs of target user, maximize psychological factors and motivate users' core driving force. A successful membership system can let users have enough interest and motivation to stay in it.

Structure and Agenda

1. Case sharing (around 20 min)
2. Overview of methodology (around 20 min)
3. Workshop-1 Set business goal and target user (10 min)
4. Workshop-2 Describe experience user journey, figure out users’ needs in each phase + group sharing (30min + 10min)
5. Workshop-3 Build up member benefit based on user needs + group sharing (30 min +15 min)
6. Workshop-4 Design task system with gamification + group sharing (20min + 10 min)
7. Summary and Q&A (15min)

Target Audience

1. CRM department head/manager
2. User experience department head/manager
3. Product/service design department head/manager

Participants Benefit

1. Know about how to build up a "membership system" which can increase loyalty of users
2. Know about methodology of "build up a user-centered membership system"
3. Practice some phases

Work Case
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