Construction of Connection Between The Man And World
Wisdom Travel
  • Vivian Wang Vivian Wang Airbnb Design Manager

    Vivian于2015年底加入Airbnb,是Airbnb中国团队的第一名设计师,现任Airbnb中国的设计负责人,与团队共同为中国旅行者及房东打造产品。加入Airbnb之前,Vivian曾任Facebook资深产品设计师,4年中分别为Messenger, Facebook Home和News Feed主导产品设计。原毕业于卡内基梅隆大学设计学院。

  • Buelent Aydindag Buelent Aydindag IBM Customer Engagement and Design Leader

    Buelent Aydindag is the Customer Engagement and DesignLeader in Shanghai with almost 20 years of rich expertise indigital and managing Digital Agencies. Buelent supports the iXteam in digital experiences, connected experiences, digitalmarketing, design and digital open innovation projects.Prior to iX, Mr Aydindag led the Digital Agency Office Aperto(now IBM) in Beijing; serving clients like Volkswagen China, AudiChina, Skoda China and Microsoft China in telematics, digitalmarketing and digital open innovation projects.

  • Zhou Bailiang Zhou Bailiang Google Senior Designer

  • Feng Junnan

    Feng Junnan BV UX Designer


Construction of Connection Between The Man And World

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Session R4
Meeting room 大会堂B-展厅
Time 07/19 14:30-17:20
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Wisdom Travel
Introduction of the summit

After the middle class further reshapes the Chinese consumption market, high-quality trip service experience becomes a magic weapon for enterprises to win victory in the fierce market competition. By virtue of the mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things, wisdom trip field is effectively permeated and integrated into more traditional industries to form the new state and mode of rational allocation for online resources and high-efficient and high-quality offline operation. In addition to the basic services of transportation application, map navigation, travel and renting, it also gathers traveling messages.

After wisdom trip is gradually permeating into each level of users’ life, industries are constantly standardizing. Traditional enterprises positive embrace the new type of operation. How can user experience designers improve their ability in the new environment, intensify tools that are good for the mankind and realize their value for urban trip? This wisdom trip summit will invite design experts in traveling, sharing trip, automobiles and map to use the trend combining with new technologies, new products and new experience to greatly cope with the complicated and changeable resource and market environment and construct the better wisdom trip experience.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:Vivian Wang《》
    Speaker:Vivian Wang Airbnb,Design Manager

    “Let every traveler can feel sense of belonging in a home just like local people in any destination” and this is the mission of Airbnb and also the pursuit of more and more Chinese travelers. In journey, we are not satisfied with high-efficient ticket purchasing and booking process, but punch card in a scenic spot. We pay attention to how to integrate with local culture and notice the deeper level of new environment, implying that development of online experience is not the only focus. The more important responsibility of designers is to how to experience through online-offline combination, giving more confidence and opportunity to each traveler to contact with strangers and strange culture and grow up from the process. Meanwhile, this also reinforces the community importance, because more people can find out sense of belonging in the Airbnb community In this way, we can provide more diversified cultural collision and opportunities to broaden our horizon for “each traveler in any destination”. Since it was founded, Airbnb has been growing up with our community. This summit lecture will elaborate how can Airbnb cooperate with the community and create the coherent online and offline experience, and unique value of product designers during the process through practical cases.

    Work Case
    • Vivian Wang - 爱彼迎旅行故事集封面插画
    • Vivian Wang - 爱彼迎Plus
  • Speech 2:Buelent Aydindag《The Impact of new Technologies and autonomous vehicles to the travel industry》
    Speaker:Buelent Aydindag IBM,Customer Engagement and Design Leader

    How will be the travel industry reshaped with the rise of new technologies and autonomous vehicles. Are hotels, restaurants or bars necessarily better off with being closer to the city center or is it becoming less and less important if customers are getting in and out with an autonomous vehicle.

    Combining emerging new technologies with experiences will create hundreds of new opportunities for the travel industry. The sightseeing tour in an autonomous vehicle is free from any schedule, location and will be highly customized to the user needs and expectation.

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《》
    Speaker:Zhou Bailiang Google ,Senior Designer

    A metaphor with an interface is used to display our world. And this metaphor is the Google Map. The metaphor of this interface has been the biggest one up to now. And it covers the most abundant information. meanwhile, it has the highest complexity and diversity. Once we leave our familiar life radius, we enter into a mode to explore the world. We hope to experience differences out of our home, but own a reliable tool and safely bring us to anywhere that we want to go. For this reason, we select simplified and uniform visual language to summarize natural landscapes, road system and human landscapes in the world. You will lose yourself when you stay in the middle desert of Australia or busy streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. In this lecture, the speaker will analyze how to design Google Map that helps 1 billion users to solve a trip problem. The design is able to create a highly uniform language to describe the highly non-unified world.

    Google Map Japan—Good Design Award of Japan
    Style revolution of Google Map

    Work Case
    • 周百谅 - 谷歌地图日本 - 日本Good Design 获奖
    • 周百谅 - 谷歌地图的风格演化
Target Audience

1. Relevant experienced employees in user experience
2. Product managers who are interested in relevant products of trip field
3. Audiences who are interested in new-type transportation and travelling services

Participants Benefit

1. Explore the development direction of transportation revolution
2. As designing trip, designers should reflect on responsibilities undertaken and how to realize design value
3. Consumption upgrading and changes of users’ trip demands under the consumption upgrading

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