Future of Deconstruction Interaction
Interaction Innovation
  • Jason Wang Jason Wang Google UX Designer

  • Jiang Wenhan Jiang Wenhan PEGAD&E Creative Director

  • Craig Kuo Craig Kuo Kika Tech Design Director

  • 前华为终端美国研究所UX设计主管,在华为担任UX Design工作10余年。从事视觉交互设计、动效体验设计、全球化设计及设计管理。从功能机时代起经手60余款终端产品的UX设计。历任华为MATE系列、P系列UX设计师、华为EMUI设计师、动效负责人。现致力于连接国内与硅谷的体验创新,聚焦于UX前瞻创新、全链路体验设计、全球化设计及设计合作。

Future of Deconstruction Interaction

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Session R3
Meeting room 大会堂B-展厅
Time 07/19 09:00-11:50
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Human–Computer Interaction
Introduction of the summit

In the era of internet of everything, development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and internet of things can compensate for the limitation of black technology, so experience design is never so important in the moment. From the perspectives of sense judgment, interactive medium, behaviors or even the connective mode, it can be observed that the core of man-machine interaction design is gradually developing towards intelligence, humanization and scenarized directions. Enterprises start exploring the best cooperation in different life and production scenes and apply projection, voice, AR/VR and artificial intelligence to expand the interactive space of users, enrich the interactive scene and let man-machine confusion to serve for the beautiful life.

This summit will invite product interaction design experts and product principals to act as the lecture guests, bring multi-dimensional interaction innovation mode and case for participators and help them to supplement more cutting-edge practical cases in the level of man-machine interaction design.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《》
    Speaker:Jason Wang Google,UX Designer

    What’s a computer? Apple Inc and Microsoft always used OS X and Windows to define such an answer in the past 30 years. In the wave of giving priority to mobility, IOS and Android change people’s interaction and cognition on computation. When artificial intelligence, smart home and wearable equipment spread in each corner of our life, the concept of “computers” is gradually fuzzy. You can find out from observation that tools of productivity are taking place the earth-shaking changes. Google has its own answer for the future of computers. Chrome OS is the flagship desktop operating system of Google, but it is more than this aspect. Actually, it is the core of Google hardware strategy, the core of browser strategy and even a new computing mode. Google released several notebooks with tangible and detachable keyboards in this year. The soul is Chrome OS. This summit lecture will introduce the design philosophy, product philosophy and ecosystem of Chrome OS to everyone and discuss the future of computers.

    Work Case
    • Jason Wang - YouTube Music
    • Jason Wang - Chrome OS
  • Speech 2:《从硬件设计优质化AI与机器人之用户体验》
    Speaker:Jiang Wenhan PEGAD&E,Creative Director

    There was a time when central battlefield of smart home was gradually transferred to voice assistant from smartphone. Beginning with the unique perspective of tone quality, AI, natural voice and third-party skill, people can interlock with other smart home through the new interaction mode in their daily life. Whether it will start a new revolution of electronics after smartphone will totally depend on the deeper AI technical development. With the maturity of big data and development of artificial intelligence, robots have sensible genes and belong to companion and service robots. They don’t repeat work with the cold body, but learn how to comprehend human emotions and demands. From the perspective of development and manufacturing, the tendency of these two industries brings the cross-cutting difficulty, new user experience, new design thresholds and technical challenges to the new-type intelligent devices. In this lecture, the speaker will share from intelligent hardware development case with participators and analyze how to optimize user experience and make innovations on design thinking.

    UltraVision Virtual Reality Helmet
    AMICA Smart Voice Assistant

    Work Case
    • 蒋文瀚 - UltraVision虚拟现实头盔
    • 蒋文瀚 - AMICA智能語音助理
  • Speech 3:《》
    Speaker:Craig Kuo Kika Tech,Design Director

    The digital product development and social media popularity enable people and products to be filled with more and more digital communication patterns. In European and American countries, everyone spends 2h on social contact network one day. The areas with more developed social media have more abundant communication forms. The use frequency of input experience is higher. This theme will share the digital communication design principle used by Kika in the product design and how to use it in the scene demands. The scene patterns have the overlapping matrix of input patterns and sending patterns. Based on 8 scene prototypes from text input sending(e.g. candidate words) to voice input service output(e.g. KikaGo voice navigation service), the speaker proposes the difference and challenge between character and voice scenes. Meanwhile, facing to the new-type communication mode, how can designers maintain the elasticity of design principles and guide cross-team cooperation and drive and attempt more friendly communication interaction and commercial adaptation driven by design.

    Work Case
Target Audience

1. Experienced interaction designers
2. Relevant personnel in software and software product design
3. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Understand how to develop and change design in the mobile times
2. Explore how to create more humanized interaction experience
3. Learn to promote human interaction in a new innovative mode

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