Service Innovation and Value Remolding
Service Design
  • Tang Xuejun Tang Xuejun Atour Vice president of brand

  • Xu Jian Xu Jian VI Design Expert

  • Harvey Kim Harvey Kim Accenture Director

    Cross-boarder business strategist, supporting Chinese companies going global and MNC companies advancing into China market for past 10 years. Leading ‘Customer and Channel’ practice of Accenture specially focusing on Communications, Media and Technology industry clients. Harvey has over fifteen years of consulting and business development experience, focused on marketing, sales, customer service and channel management under the context of service and experience design and enterprise digitalization.

  • Yao Yusheng Yao Yusheng TANG Copartner

  • Yi Liu

    Yi Liu The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Associate Professor


Service Innovation and Value Remolding

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Session R1
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/18 09:00-11:50
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Services Design
Introduction of the summit

Popularity of the current mobile network, application of mobile payment and prosperity of service industry make China become the bellwether of global digital economic innovation. Consumers experience new service experience of digital driving every day. Service design can effectively integrate with resources through the entity and internet platform and provide the decision-making support role for organizational innovations, product development and marketing or even construction of commercial model in the more extensive fields and deeper level.

In the era, how to greatly develop user study, product design, full process of experience, and service design in each industry and contribute to industrial revolution?

How to improve product value through service design?
How to perfect customer experience to bring more experience value to customers?
How to serve for users and business through design?

In this summit, we will invite well-famous experts in product design, vision design and service experience, invite them to share construction experience and knowledge of service design under the new retailing environment, welcome people who engage in and are interested in product R&D, user experience and market to attend, share, exchange and interact with each other.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:When Design Meet Warmth
    Speaker:Tang Xuejun Atour,Vice president of brand




    Work Case
  • Speech 2:Xu Jian《Xu Jian《Xu Jian《Experience Design Enables E-commerce Business Layout》》》
    Speaker:Xu Jian,VI Design Expert

    A series of factors including technology progress and development, sedimentation awareness and integrated resource utilization result in evolution of internet ecology and make ecosystem of user experience become huge. Meanwhile, e-commerce scene or retailing scene won’t be single. Audiences are also diversified. We are not limited to gain some commodities. Instead, content acquisition gradually becomes the consumption core to solve online and offline experience barriers of users. Moreover, experience will become diversified and serve for users. With the entry point of experience design, to create tools or experience logics and endow business with the greater value are the emphasis of this lecture.

    From online to offline, visual perception is transmitted to touch, hearing or even gestation and unbounded experience(video, device and interaction cases)
    Unbounded retailing of marketing interaction; from online to offline implementation and execution and possibility of display

    Work Case
    • Xu Jian - 互动项目实践
    • Xu Jian - 互动项目实践
    • Xu Jian - 互动设计流程
    • Xu Jian - Midjourney 创意输出
  • Speech 3: Manage Cross-Boarder Service Design
    Speaker:Harvey Kim Accenture,Director

    Speaker will talk about how to manage an experience or service designed in one country can be applied in another country. Usually MNCs (Multi-National Companies) designs own identity of brand, experience and service in one country and try to apply in other countries without any change or with minor modifications, justifying this as keeping brand identity. However, consumers are smarter to tell what is relevant to them and greedier to get more sophisticated value in their culture context. Companies who wanted to leverage their old values in new market does not get what they wanted to get anymore. Re-design or conversion into new service and experience for new consumer is inevitable. This session is talking about how.

    Work Case
  • Speech 4:How to Create A Global Financial Service Experience
    Speaker:Yao Yusheng TANG,Copartner

    Nowadays, user experience planning is not the “narrow experience” about user interface. User experience has already become more generalized, systematic and global project, especially for the internet finance field. User experience work must jump out of the design level and consider the overall situation. For example, how many business steps and how many digital channels will be experienced and how many experience touch points will result in customer troubles as transacting financial business and how to create the experience “surprise points” by using the advanced scientific means and people-oriented services in the entire business transaction process? “Globalization” experience thinking helps us to open our brain and systemize the golden key of reflection.

    To be specific, what’s globalization? Through this lecture, the speaker guides each participator to know about how to use a series of framework and tool to construct the global financial service experience.

    Work Case
    • The service experience ecology with “user center”
Target Audience

1. Enterprise managers
2. Brand designers, service designers, interaction designers and vision designers
3. Product managers
4. User researchers
5. Market and marketing employees

Participants Benefit

1. Master online and offline consumption behaviors
2. Observe post-95 consumption behaviors
3. Understand how to improve customer experience value
4. Master the industrial trends: future e-commerce industry development and influences on user experience designers
5. Under the design direction: future user experience designers should own certain skill and innovative quality and create suitable works to cope with the time variation.
6. Understand the method of using the prototype to test in the service design process

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