Intelligent Computing And Wake Up All Living Things
Enterprise Application
  • Wu Bing Wu Bing Shimo CEO

  • Ming Wei Ming Wei Foundertype Product Director

  • Mu Qun Mu Qun Sogou Design manager and UED leader of Sogou Marketing Department

    I have supported some projects such as intelligent tools, big data, CRM, distribution platform products, commercial ads for search and commercial input method projects.

Intelligent Computing And Wake Up All Living Things

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Session R7
Meeting room 大会堂B-展厅
Time 07/21 09:00-11:50
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Enterprise Application
Introduction of the summit

The prosperity of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence brings a new power to economic development. Facing to the fierce market competition, more and more enterprise use SaaS products, aiming to improve product and brand value and create more high-efficient integration management, so as to gain the market success. In recent two years, enterprise application products spring up like mushrooms to permeate into enterprises and users from cloud, management, cooperation and training. How designers, product managers and enterprise managers can create excellent enterprise application products is both challenge and opportunity.

How enterprise application enterprises satisfy pain demands of enterprises?
How to select the innovative mode and strategic positioning of enterprise application enterprises?
What about obstacles and bottlenecks of enterprise application products?
What about applications of artificial intelligence in the enterprise application field?

In this summit, we will invite founders, CEO and design managers of popular enterprise application products to focus on the above-mentioned opinions, share their experience and achievements, and discuss how can enterprise application shape the product value.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《Words are the source and human are the base》
    Speaker:Ming Wei Foundertype,Product Director

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:Wu Bing《》
    Speaker:Wu Bing Shimo,CEO

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:Mu Qun《Mu Qun《Intelligent Application Design of Marketing Knowledge》》
    Speaker:Mu Qun Sogou,Design manager and UED leader of Sogou Marketing Department

    Conversion rate is the core of many online businesses. Increasing the conversion rate means that the clients are finally converted into order and become into profit. It is the ultimate goal of many product designs. Besides operation, what can UX designers do to increase conversion rate?
    For many designers, though the business objectives and user experience conflict with each other, they have to do it. To reconcile these contradictions, UX designers need to master relevant theories, understand user classifications and psychological basis of users, which will be applied to actual design work. Based on the principles of psychological behavior design, our sharing session will introduce the persuasion model and the user decision-making process to help designers analyze the design flow and to reduce the loss of user in each level of the conversion process.
    During the workshop, the presenter will share how the marketing design team conducts user research in actual work, how to accurately classify customers, how to analyze the different psychological activities that customers and sales have. And also we will introduce the means of using reasonable UE and UI that based on the persuasive model to reach the ultimate goal of optimizing the conversion rate and improving the data.It also combines of analyzing cases of advertisements design, landing pages, system platforms, etc. in the actual work we meet.

    Work Case
    • Mu Qun - 智能客服类转化
    • Mu Qun - 落地页类转化
    • Mu Qun - 信息流类转化
    • Mu Qun - 购买决策与说服模型
    • Mu Qun - 说服模型
    • Mu Qun - 行为设计原理
Target Audience

1. People who are suitable for products, including designers, user researchers, product managers, market personnel, engineers, and leadership
2. Designers who are particularly suitable for product design, especially for designers and leadership that engage in enterprise-level products

Participants Benefit

1. Learn how to apply enterprise-level design thinking in product design
2. Understand problems of enterprise-level application products in the startup process

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  • Mu Qun - 购买决策与说服模型 10
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  • Mu Qun - 行为设计原理 10
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