Revolution of Artificial Intelligent Design
Artificial Intelligence
  • Li Qiang Li Qiang Alibaba Senior Expert in Experience Design

  • Tim Caynes Tim Caynes Foolproof Principal Designer

    I am a Principal Designer at Foolproof, meaning that I'm responsible for the integrity of the thinking behind Foolproof's experience design practice. I work closely with design, strategy and insight teams, and with business stakeholders and third parties, to create evidence-based designs for global brands such as XL Catlin, Sage, Simply Health, Coke, Apple, Sky, HSBC and Shell.

  • Joseph Laquinte Joseph Laquinte Ogilvy&Mather Senior Creative Technologist

    Joe Laquinte is the Senior Creative Technologist at Ogilvy New York. He has worked on brands such as IBM, Starbucks, and Amazon. He specializes in creating digital engagement.

  • Ao Xiang Ao Xiang Face++ Associate President

Revolution of Artificial Intelligent Design

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Session R6
Meeting room 大会堂B-展厅
Time 07/20 09:00-11:50
Type Summit
Language English
Direction Artificial Intelligence
Introduction of the summit

2018 is the 62th anniversary of the artificial intelligence development. The prosperity of unmanned technology in recent years becomes a popular topic for everyone. with the increasing maturity of voice identification, image identification, natural language processing and robot study, artificial intelligence becomes an increasingly powerful tool in the human development process. Artificial intelligence can greatly serve for numerous people in communication, automobile, retailing, trip and catering fields and affect our daily life, work and study. In other words, artificial intelligence is changing the entire life style of mankind by virtue of technologies.

Facing to such a remarkable topic and tendency, we can’t help reflecting on:
How can we use artificial intelligence in our work and life?
How can designers improve product experience through artificial intelligence?
What kind of opportunity can artificial intelligence bring to experience design?

In this summit, we will invite international experts and scholar who take actions in the artificial intelligence field to share their application experience and exploration achievements, exchange and interact with participators and create the new experience in the new era.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《》
    Speaker:Li Qiang Alibaba,Senior Expert in Experience Design

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:Tim Caynes《Closing the empathy gap: The design of intelligent systems to improve patient experiences》
    Speaker:Tim Caynes Foolproof,Principal Designer

    This session will explore the design of intelligent systems to enable patients to get the help they need, often before they know they need it, in potentially difficult times. How do we bring systems and humans together for better outcomes? How can artificial intelligence help us improve the patient experience?
    Using a case study of a system designed to support patients and carers across distinct phases of caring for people in later life, we will look at at the architecture of intelligent systems, the opportunities to use artificial intelligence to augment the provision of health and wellbeing information and how a human-centred approach to the design of intelligent systems can have significant impact with relatively low levels of intelligence.

    Artificial intelligence is impacting the healthcare industry in dramatic ways. But one our biggest challenges, and our biggest opportunities, is closing the gap between machine intelligence and human empathy - the empathy gap. While the application of artificial intelligence to transform patent experiences is already well-established, a patent-centred approach to the design of intelligent systems is essential to ensure a focus on human outcomes.

    This session is primarily focused on the architecture of systems that support provision of information based on human behaviours and interactions. We will explore the evolution of static and dynamic pathways through systems and how data and information can be arranged and architected to enable behavioural pathways through systems, supported by artificial intelligence. The focus is on the potential for intelligent systems to deliver dynamic experiences based on user interactions and how effectively this supports experiences that can be constructed in real-time.

    Work Case
    • The Care for Life intelligent platform
    • Exploration of dynamic pathways in intelligent systems
  • Speech 3:Visualizing Personalities Through AI
    Speaker:Joseph Laquinte Ogilvy&Mather,Senior Creative Technologist

    Work Case
    • Joseph Laquinte - booth_side
    • Joseph Laquinte - photobooth_poster_output
  • Speech 4:《》
    Speaker:Ao Xiang Face++,Associate President

    Work Case
Target Audience

1. UX employees who are interested in artificial intelligence topic
2. Employees who engage in relevant design work in the artificial intelligence
3. Creative engineers
4. Artificial intelligence enthusiasts
5. Product managers in artificial projects

Participants Benefit

1. Comprehend the opportunities to designers brought by machine learning
2. Comprehend how Google can use machine learning to enhance product experience
3. Comprehend how Google can do design experience sharing for machine learning
4. Learn artificial intelligence course about humanization
5. Gain the best user experience practice scheme about artificial intelligence
6. Witness the ability of Watson API

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