he secret of efficient collaboration
  • Vivian Wang Vivian Wang Airbnb Design Manager

    Vivian于2015年底加入Airbnb,是Airbnb中国团队的第一名设计师,现任Airbnb中国的设计负责人,与团队共同为中国旅行者及房东打造产品。加入Airbnb之前,Vivian曾任Facebook资深产品设计师,4年中分别为Messenger, Facebook Home和News Feed主导产品设计。原毕业于卡内基梅隆大学设计学院。

  • Sunny Wang Sunny Wang Airbnb Design Manager

    I design to delight | Design manager & experience designer at Airbnb | Previously a designer at Google and Trulia | Graduated as Master of HCI, Carnegie Mellon University.

he secret of efficient collaboration

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Session T3
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 07/18 14:30-16:30
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global travel community that integrates accommodation experience, travel experience and humanistic experience, which brings the original local travel experience to everyone. With the help of science and technology, Airbnb is people-oriented, helps millions of people all over the world to share the vacant space in their own residences or share their passions and interests. At the same time, it also allows everyone to obtain some economic returns. Whether it is an apartment, villa, castle, tree house or accommodation and breakfast, Airbnb community platform provides travelers with millions of unique accommodation options in 191 countries and regions. In addition, through experience activities, people can experience unique local characteristic activities provided by local people and feel the other side of the city. Through the services provided by Airbnb's partner Resy, travelers are also able to learn about the specialty restaurants that local people like in particular travel destinations. The uniquely designed, easy-to-use Airbnb website and App will initiate your unique travel experience.
The conference aims to lead practitioners to learn new ways of thinking and working styles of design teams from different cultural backgrounds. In order to set up the display and exchange platforms of all major design teams, IXDC specially unites Airbnb to hold this "Airbnb Design Management Tour", and lead the practitioners to walk into Airbnb Beijing Office, understand how the world-renowned travel company achieves efficient collaboration among team members from different countries through innovative management modes and tools.

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Structure and Agenda

1. 14:30—15:00 Visit Airbnb Beijing Office, feel the corporate culture.
2. 15:00—15:15 Get to know each other, icebreaking
3. 15:15—16:00 Introduction and sharing of Airbnb team: team culture and diversified working mode, as well as the composition and management mode of the design team, etc.
4. 16:00—16:30 Free talk link: Airbnb team interact and exchange with participating teams

Target Audience

1. Enterprise managers
2. Design team managers
3. UX designers
4. creative designers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about the design team composition and management mode of Airbnb;
2. Probe into Airbnb's corporate culture and unique collaboration tools;
3. Probe into how Airbnb enhances creative competitiveness and design innovations of design organizations;

Work Case
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