Pyramid principle, designer's logical thinking training
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Pyramid principle, designer's logical thinking training

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Session D6
Meeting room 406
Time 07/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

How many designers can design great works, but when they encounter expressions and communication, they feel tired without love? How many designers can attract others' attention and be concerned in a short period of time when doing design speeches? How can design and expression get refined internally and externally?

The premise of good design deduction is based on the internal structure, just like building a house, which needs to lay a good foundation, and then build the structure frame strong through reinforced concrete, add tiles and bricks on this basis, then carry out a series of design work, and finally present a beautiful, comfortable complete work that can meet the needs of residents.

Humans have long known that the brain automatically induces information into various groups of the pyramidal structure to facilitate understanding and memorizing. The contents of communication induced into the pyramid structure in advance are more easily understood and memorized by people. You should intentionally organize your communication contents into a pyramid structure, including verbal and written expressions - speaking, delivering speeches, reporting, debriefing, summary, plan, planning, etc.

In this workshop, we will learn the Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto, understand the four levels of principles of [conclusion] conclusion first, [argumentation] the above unifies the below, [classification] making classification and grouping, [comparison] logic progression, etc., help designers do: think creatively, distinguish and analyze clearly and express points of view accurately.

As the recommended saying goes: we need to pay more attention to the process of blooming than to appreciate the aroma of a flower.

Structure and Agenda

1. Theory introduction: Why(why learn) -What(what is it) -How(how to do) Basic framework of pyramid principles
2. Method explanation: the use of several methods of [conclusion] conclusion first, [argumentation] the above unifies the below, [classification] making classification and grouping, [comparison] logic progression
3. Workshop practice: each group of designers need brainstorming to produce an artificial intelligence-related design work, and use the pyramid principles to display
4. Comment and review

Target Audience

1. UI/Visual designers
2. Interactive designers/experience designer
3. Product managers/operation manager

Participants Benefit

1. Study how to use the pyramid structure to analyze and solve problems and improve the overall thinking ability.
2. Strive to make every designer who participates in the workshop to be able to express their opinions clearly, logically, prominently and persuasively.
3. Finally effectively improve the quality of thinking and communication influence, and enhance work report / speech ability

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