How to provide a better interaction design for business products.
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How to provide a better interaction design for business products.

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Session F9
Meeting room 406
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

With the intense competition on the customer products, the demographic dividends have disappeared. More and more companies have turned to previously unappreciated business products. However, due to the differences in product characteristics, the business interaction design threshold is higher than the customer interaction design. This workshop is focus on how to overcome the interaction design for business products.
In this workshop,the lecturer will explain in detail about:
1. "Product Requirements Analysis Methodology." This method includes four dimensions: the role of the function, the functional logic, the importance, and the design time, which help designers accurately understand product requirements.
2. "Business Interaction Design Solution Model". This model includes two major parts of the product environment and the design itself. Each part includes three main points. The product environment includes coupling relationships, parallel relationships, and legacy issues. The design includes order, consistency, and flexibility.
3. The cases mainly focus on two difficulties, including “How to deal with coupling and parallel relationships?” and “How to balance design consistency and flexibility?”
4. What common problems are encountered when designing business products and how they are solved.
This workshop will help designers understand the interaction design method of business products, improve work efficiency, and create better performance in a limited time.

Structure and Agenda

1. Warm up.
2. Detailed keynote speeches include “Product Requirements Analysis Methodology”, “Business Interaction Design Solution 3. Model” and cases, and key issues.
4. Practice and introduce by groups.
5. Q&A

Target Audience

1. Interaction Designer
2. Product Manager
3. UI Designer

Participants Benefit

1. Systematically understand business design method, including “Product Requirements Analysis Methodology”, “Business Interaction Design Solution Model”.
2. Let novice designers quickly start to design business product. Design with clear target in a limited time.
3. Let customer product designers quickly deepen and consolidate their professional depth, thereby improving the efficiency of business design.

video introduction
Work Case
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