The beauty of growth - how the design team drives business growth.
  • Liu Jiin Liu Jiin Yiren Wealth Principle of Design Team

  • Lyu Lu

    Lyu Lu Yirendai Senior UX Designer

The beauty of growth - how the design team drives business growth.

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Session G9
Meeting room 407
Time 07/21 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

With the continuous maturity of design principles and methods and the vigorous development of artificial intelligence industry, how design re-creates value for business has already become a problem about which various design teams and designers have always been perplexed at present. This workshop will take the actual combat experience of the design growth team of Yirendai as an example, and detail how the design team can break through the current bottleneck, and transform from the business-supporting design team to the business-driven design growth team.

Main contents:
I. Path: how to build the design growth team
It mainly focuses on how the design team should break the traditional functional structure and establish the growth team from the dimension of the key points of business growth.

II. Method: the lean closed-loop design method
This part will specifically introduce how the design growth team uses the lean closed-loop design method to find the company's business growth points, and use design to drive business growth through low-cost and fast-paced verification.

III. Devices: A/B test, DPL system
It mainly describes two major tools that efficiently drive business growth: A/B test and DPL system. A/B test is mainly used for low-cost and fast-paced verification design while the DPL system is mainly used for the efficient landing of design schemes.

IV. Practical use: case narration and exercises
It introduces some practical cases of Yirendai design that drive business growth, and then will arrange various participating groups to do actual case exercises, and have a better command of the working ideas and methods of design-driven business growth.

Structure and Agenda

1. Opening remarks and introduction of research background
2. Detail how the design support team should transform into a design growth team
3. Describe in detail the working methods and tools of the design growth team
4. Introduce some specific practical cases of Yirendai's design growth team
5. Do actual combats of projects in groups, and solve practical problems with design methods
6. Achievement exhibition and discussion in groups

Target Audience

1. Practitioners of Internet products interested in design-driven business growth
2. Internet product managers or other practitioners interested in how design drives business growth
3. Designers or design team managers with a certain experience

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about how the design team drives business growth
2. Combine theory with actual combat, and master how to apply lean closed-loop to the design field
3. Apply lean closed-loop working methods to practical work so as to enhance personal and team value.

video introduction
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