Interaction Design Language -- Interaction Design Thinking and Application
  • Luo Tao Luo Tao Kookmin University, Korea Assistant Professor

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Interaction Design Language -- Interaction Design Thinking and Application

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Session B7
Meeting room 203A
Time 07/18 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Research and practice of Interaction Design Language is an attempt to explore the essence of interaction design. In Interaction Design Language, every interaction is understood as a control relation like "Control Item - Mapping - Widget Item". By analyzing various aspects of the control relation, we summarize and abstract factors that influence users' experiences. Eventually, we use a series of notations and their combinations to describe important details of interaction. People can describe their interaction design ideas through this language. This language will also in turn change the way people think about interaction design, thus systematically create new interactions.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introducing background of Interaction Design Language
2. Notation System and Grammar Structure
3. Design interaction using Interaction Design Language in different teams
4. Present design result, thinking process and comments

Target Audience

1. Interaction Designer
2. Front-End Developer
3. Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1. Get to know a new perspective of looking at interaction design
2. Understand detailed structure and rules of interactions
3. Learn the Notation System and Grammar of Interaction Design Language
4. Improve communication efficiency between designers and developers
5. Practice the ability to find and create various new interaction designs

Work Case
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