How to do an effective design review.
  • Jiang Hongyuan Jiang Hongyuan Facebook Product Designer

How to do an effective design review.

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Session C1
Meeting room 401
Time 07/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Design review is a very important link of the design process. We've all experienced this kind of design review-- some people are distracted by unimportant details, some people are off the point too much in discussion, and other people issue opinions before they fully understand your design schemes. Inefficient design reviews not only waste 6 to 10 hours of valuable time per person per week in the whole team, but result in inefficient discussions due to unclear objectives after the reviews. A design team needs to know enough about different methods of design review, and make the effective design review exclusive to the team according to its actual situation,make its members think about what others think and help others offer advice, which opens new angles of view and improves design quality and efficiency.

In this workshop, the keynote speaker will, with the practical design review cases of Intercom/Medium/Facebook as well as the lessons, describe the different design review processes of start-ups and large companies, the problems that may arise in different methods as well as the solutions, how to give review opinions and accept review opinions, help the audience to deepen their understandings in the form of group exercises and find effective design review methods suitable for the teams.

Structure and Agenda

1. Brief introduction of the workshop (objectives and agenda)
2. Warm-up interaction and grouping
3. Background introduction: importance and common problems of design reviews
4. Introduce several methods of design reviews combined with cases
5. Group exercises and demonstration sharing

Target Audience

1. interactive design practitioners
2. User experience designers
3. Design students
4. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Find design review methods suitable for teams, thereby enhancing the work efficiency of teams
2. Optimize the design process of teams and strengthen their design culture
3. Develop international visions and understand the design review methods and design processes commonly used in Silicon Valley

Work Case
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