Evidence-based Product Design.
  • Feng Junnan Feng Junnan Booking.com BV UX Designer

Evidence-based Product Design.

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Session A1
Meeting room 401
Time 07/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Evidence based product design: this workshop will talk about how to be able to focus on using data collection capabilities to help product teams to make a set of design methods that meet the needs of users and markets in the rapidly changing market environment of user habits and market environments. The focus includes how to rethink the starting points of design, how to use data assumptions to guide you in gathering necessary user data, distinguish between what are fantasy data and what are valuable data and business data among these data, and tell the specific implementation of this set of methods combined with the practical optimization cases of the world’s first OTA-Booking.com.

In this workshop, the keynote speaker will carry out practical operation jointly with the participants based on the cases prepared by himself by teaching the design methods and theories of evidence-based product design and combined with the practical exercise of the workshop, and besides, combine practice with theory, obtain data and analyze requirements, and make verification of the design.

Structure and Agenda

1. A brief description of design methods and steps and the theoretical support behind
2. First step of the design method: build your library of insights
3. Second step of the design method: make your own design
4. Interaction: the audience can choose their own case for practical operation from their own cases
5. Third step of the design method: determine the data you want
6. Interaction: extract data measurement requirements from previous cases
7. Fourth step of the design method: verified learning and unverified learning

Target Audience

1. Interactive designers
2. Product designers
3. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Receive the actual design cases from Booking
2. Study the design methods of evidence-based product design, and make data-based product design
3. Cultivate international UX vision, combine data analysis with design, and enhance the thinking ability of interdisciplinary and diversified design

video introduction
Work Case
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