Design Effectiveness: Use The Best Presentation
  • Zhan Yan Zhan Yan Tencent Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group Senior UI Designer

Design Effectiveness: Use The Best Presentation

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Session B11
Meeting room 203B
Time 07/18 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Daily work design often needs to provide design advertising for users. Design materials with high click rate have high percent conversion and bring effective users to the design purposes. A design layout has high conversion rate. In other words, resources won’t be wasted and play a good propaganda effect for products. This is the effective design. In addition to look good, the key is that design should have the good copywriting.

This workshop will use multiple Tencent mobile phone operation design projects as the analysis cases, guide everyone to exercise in groups, express opinions and ideas, learn to judge design schemes, master emphasis in effective design, know how to accept or reject, and help everyone to create the most effective design that conforms to users’ behaviors.

Learning contents of this workshop include:
1. Tradeoff design: reflect on improving click rate of the design drawing and weigh advantages and disadvantages of multiple designs;
2. Explore click desire and potential thinking of users;
3. Learn to weigh and differentiate from good and effective design.
4. Design co-existing method of aesthetic and product orientation.

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduction of the workshop
2. Method explanation: design reflection
3. Case analysis: select a good design scheme and analyze results
4. Method explanation: explore click desire and potential thinking of users and improve the driver of conversion rate.
5. Group discussion: discuss the most suitable design scheme by each group and select the best design scheme
6. Report and give remarks

Target Audience

1. Product managers
2. Game operation
3. Visual design
4. User study

Participants Benefit

1. Learn to reflect on the design direction and know about the creation process and design guide of creative materials with high conversion rate
2. Know about user demands and improve product operation conversion rate of internet products
3. Know about problems to be solved by the creative design team in the game industry and how to explore more value fields

Work Case
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