Intelligent Operation—Realize The Scale Growth of Billions of Users
  • Huang Yang Huang Yang JD Finance Principle of Mobile product

Intelligent Operation—Realize The Scale Growth of Billions of Users

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Session F17
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/21 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Product Operation
keynote content
Content Introduction

At present, internet operation has been updated to the user operation from flow operation. As exploring the full-chain process of users’ life cycle, Jingdong Finance APP summarizes a series of methods and derives multiple intelligent operation products. Through these methods, we can clearly know about the essence and logics of internet user operation, summarize rapid and effective acquisition method for products, and how to use an intelligent tool to improve operation efficiency after user scale.

Through the workshop, the speaker will summarize a series of intelligent operation tool product and “snowball law” user growth model and data analysis tool.

Among which, main contents of the workshop include:
1. Full-chain intelligent operation
1.1 Data capacity(data accumulation and tool display)
1.2 Operation capacity(front-line operation experience for 13 years old: focus on flow—focus on users)
2. User operation
2.1 User operation essence solves problems: LTV/CAC
2.2: Case: user operation system of Jingdong Finance
2.3: Features and logic relations of user operation: target, strategy, execution and effects
3. User growth
3.1 Snowball law of user scale growth
3.2: Case: the explosive growth of scenes(operation and products)
3.3 Selection and monitoring of flow channel
3.4 Hacker growth(super user thinking)
4. Intelligent operation tool
4.1 Intelligent operation model
4.2 Dynamics
4.3 High efficiency
4.4 Measurability

The speaker will combine with user operation system case of Jingdong Finance to help participators to know about user growth model and method, use data to drive operation, observe employees behind data observation, observe operation results after applying operation means to improve retention rate, provide data basis for operation in next stage, and grasp key points and paths for user transformation.

Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction of the workshop: full-chain intelligent operation
2. Theoretical explanation combines with case comprehension: user operation essence; combination of user operation system case in Jingdong Finance
3. Tool introduction: snowball law of user scale growth and intelligent operation tool
4. Group interaction exercise
5. Summary and review

Target Audience

1. Operators
2. Data personnel
3. Project managers and product managers
4. Experienced designers and researchers, policy makers of experience strategy and responsible related people

Participants Benefit

1. Sort out and summarize user operation tools and applications in different stages and business scenes
2. Know about utilization of intelligent operation tool products and channel analysis model in different stages
3. Know about real user operation system cases of Jingdong Finance APP

Work Case
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