Brand Building For New Potential
Brand Innovation
  • He Yu He Yu Tencent UED Senior Interaction Designer

  • Ma Yiyuan Ma Yiyuan Hanyi Fonts COO

  • Dan Penghe Dan Penghe ZhuanZhuan Design Director

  • Wang Xiao Wang Xiao Continuum Senior Design Strategy Consultant

  • ETU设计合夥人兼用户体验设计总监,17年投入设计策划的经历。相信简单就是一种时尚,是一种生活品味,让数字生活也是一种简单的生活方式,营造简化的数字生活时代。擅长品牌应用思维,结合多媒体互动体验,围绕数字化服务构建品牌服务体验。获奖经历:2008台北数字艺术节 互动装置首奖/2005日本Osaka2005大阪竞赛 主题ENERGY国际设计竞赛铜奖

Brand Building For New Potential

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Session R2
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/18 14:30-17:20
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand innovation
Introduction of the summit

Kenya Hara: “Design power makes people wake up!”
The design is developing the remarkable great influences on the public lifestyle, commercial mode innovation and market economic structure at the onrushing growth situation. “design-driven brands” including Apple, Airbnb, Snapchat, Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Zipcar release the industrial leadership and lasting vitality in consumer goods manufacturing, internet and sharing services, revealing the future-oriented global forward-looking consensus: design is the strategy to drive brands with commercial success.

In the high-speed market development and competitive environment, an increasing number of enterprises realize the important role of brands in their life cycle. Enterprises based on service and product design transfer brand value to their consumers through the different media. The complicated experience makes consumers have an impression on brands and guides them to purchase. The brand experience process needs different design fields, thus the design fields should undertake the responsibility to perfectly integrating with products, system, services and experience and give a concentrated and consistent impression, integrated design strategy and brand value to consumers.

This summit will invite founders of domestic and overseas enterprises and brands to share necessary strategies and core contents, opinions and cases in the brand construction process through the lecture and grasp the development tendency of the future brand design strategy.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《》
    Speaker:He Yu Tencent UED,Senior Interaction Designer

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:《》
    Speaker:Ma Yiyuan Hanyi Fonts,COO

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《Designing and shaping New Brands: commercial Innovation practice of New Brand》
    Speaker:Dan Penghe ZhuanZhuan,Design Director

    The soil provided by the new interconnection allows many industries and companies to show exponential growth, industrial intelligence, block chain, Mini Programs, consumer upgrading and many other new models, new businesses have led to innovation in many fields. At the same time, the increase of the new group of interconnection is coming to an end, and the cost of the current acquisition increases, which accounts for a constant investment item in the process of enterprise development. There are also many enterprises, with the momentum of the brand, the curve overtakes the car, and the achievement is legendary. Turning as a potential stock in the field of C2C, how to shape the brand, how to enter the user mind in the process of development. Does the design team play a role in the brand combination strategy of the enterprise? How does design shape the brand beyond the marketing team and product team? In this presentation, I hope to help the audience understand the thinking behind corporate brands and how design creates new momentum in the long run.

    Work Case
  • Speech 4:《Inspiration of Post-95 Brand View: how to subvert Brand and Design Strategy》
    Speaker:Wang Xiao Continuum,Senior Design Strategy Consultant

    After the first batch of post-95 people steps into the society, they start their career, gradually forming their personal lifestyle. Therefore, enterprises have to reflect on the value and drive force hidden behind the brand-new consumption power. The brand competition is developed into “time”, “attention” and “energy” battles from the “mental” battle. As facing up the post-95 product decision-making process, enterprises should understand how to allocate the weighted proportions of brands and design in the product decision-making process of post-95 young people? How about the relationship between the brand and design? What can be brought to brands by design? Under the consumption system driven by the internet, post-95 people will become the main consumer groups with the uncertainty. The speaker will change the brand strategy and idea in the past and help enterprises to absorb “loyal switchers” through the corresponding experience and design.

    Work Case
    • Create the network celebrity catering brand with social contact attribute—Hong Kong Lyndhurst
    • Create the clean experience process of users’ toilets for Mr. Muscle
Target Audience

1. Brand design and visual design practitioners
2. Product strategists and commercial strategists
3. Relevant employees in multimedia and creative work
4. Market media, advertising and enterprise management
5. Employees in marketing domain related

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the opportunity points and challenges of the design industry in “Brand Innovation Driven by Design” in the design industry
2. Understand the target value and contents in the brand value creation
3. Know about the innovative mode and process difficulty in the design management and brand strategy through practical cases

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