How to solve the unified design of multiple systems
  • Li Juncong Li Juncong Tencent CDC Interaction Designer

  • Tan Zhen

    Tan Zhen Tencent CDC Visual Designer

How to solve the unified design of multiple systems

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Session C17
Meeting room 303B
Time 07/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the era of increasingly diverse products, user experience has obviously become one of the important indicators to measure the quality of products, and to B products are no exception, and the design of to B products raise higher requirements for designers. On how to break through the original product thinking to solve problems, how to understand and sort out the business and functions of products, and how to deal with the appeals between products and customers, designers need more perfect design ideas and methods to solve these problems, thus reflecting their own design values.

In this workshop, the keynote speaker will explain a set of design methods to analyze, locate, combine, break through, solve and validate products by using design thinking from the perspective of the unification of multi-platform systems, combining with the cases of Tencent data center (IDC) platform, and test the learning results with small practices.
1. Analysis and positioning: investigating the characteristics of product "customers"
Through the analysis of appeals of users, products and other parties, redefine the real needs behind;
2. Combination and breakthrough: mining common products, extracting individual needs:
Sort out the logic and modules of products through the information architecture, and distinguish between generic solutions and personalized customization solutions;
3. Solutions: "Old City Renovation" design method of products iteration:
Use the "Old City Renovation" method such as "research, planning, demolition, temporary plan, implementation, and batch entry" to minimize the iterative impact;
4. Verification stage: establish the "experience brand" of products;
Create a unified experience framework for products, unify identification, and solve the needs for most subsequent update iterations;

Structure and Agenda

1. Warm-up and Background introduction: listeners introduce each other, understand work background and problems encountered in work
2. Case introduction: with Tencent data center (IDC) platform as the background, explain the solution in the project
3. Sorting methods: summarize the design thinking and design methods used in the project
4. Group exercises: the groups conduct simulation project exercises in different roles to understand how to use design thinking and design methods.
5. Summary and review

Target Audience

1. Interactive designers
2. Visual designers
3. experience designer
4. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about Tencent CDC's unified design method for multi-platform systems
2. Learn about how to deal with the appeals of customers, products and bosses in the project
3. Learn to find the right entry point to break through product thinking and reflect design value.

Work Case
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